10 Best Grooming Essentials for Horses

»»10 Best Grooming Essentials for Horses

10 Best Grooming Essentials for Horses

Thorough grooming is necessary. Who dares to question grooming’s essentiality? Well, there are several reasons for that!

This page will focus on horse grooming. It is very important to keep your horse look fancy and healthy. Like cars, horses also need regular and proper maintenance, whether before you ride it or not, horses should receive daily care in the form of grooming.

There are several reasons why horses should be groomed or at least checked over every day either before or after you ride it. First is to clean it; second is to prevent any sores caused by dirt under the tack; to be aware if it has injuries or dirt skin problems; another one is to promote good circulation of the blood and to condition its skin to make its coat shine. All of these reasons will not only make your horse look nice but also it’ll make them comfortable after a long day of work or even after a show. On the other hand, it is also good that you get your hands on your horse skin because touching it will tell you much more than just watching it over the fence.

A good daily grooming session will let you know and make you aware if it has any weird lumps or bumps, any rashes, scratches or swellings. In addition, good grooming increases blood flow to the skin’s surface and massages large muscle groups. It may also increase the human-animal bond. Many have said that by grooming your horse, it gives him/her attention and affection which goes a long way for the partnership development of you and your horse. Gaining a relationship with it is imperative because it creates a trusting bond when you are riding or competing.

Grooming includes body care, face care, hoof care and mane and tail care. All these areas are important to maintain cleanliness and examination to keep your horse in prime condition for competition and daily health. During this daily routine, you’ll have an opportunity to get your hands on every inch of your horse. Here in Animalplex, We have prepared a list of several grooming supplies/kits that you can choose and help you in taking care of your beloved horse. The essential grooming kit to own includes a hoof pick, a mane and tail comb, a dandy brush, a curry comb, a body brush, a face brush, sponges, and a sweat scrapper. But if you want to upgrade your usual grooming regimen, look no further than a tool. These are the main items needed for good brushing and equine grooming care.

Derby Originals Ringside 8 Item Horse Grooming Kit

This Derby Originals Horse grooming kit is very perfect for beginners and can be a perfect gift for your wife, family or friends too, who loved grooming their horse. It includes Super grip soft finishing brush, Super grip Dandy brush, Contour sweat scraper and curry comb, Horse bathing sponge, grooming durable nylon tote bag with padded shoulder strap, Super grip mane and tail comb, Super Grip mane and tail brush, and a super grip hoof pick. The hoof pick and comb has a comfortable grip ribs which is very easy on your hands and the round-backed brushes fit easily on your palm. It is a 3.5 pounds item that can be shipped within U.S. This product is exactly what you’ll need at the barn, on trail rides and especially if you’re just starting out, got another horse, or just need a kit or two to throw in the trailer. This grooming kit will be a quick ticket to getting an effective and effortless horse grooming.

Intrepid International Rubber Hoof Pick with Brush

Second on the list is this Intrepid International’s product which has a various colors that you can choose; Purple, Blue, Red, Pink & Green. It is a 2n1 Hoof pick with a brush on the same sturdy tool. The handle is a rubber coated with a grip which is great to hold onto in the cold or when you have wet hands. This hoof pick brush will surely clean horse hooves with ease. It would be a pretty basic hoof pick with a sharp point that could really get that hard-to-remove dirt on your horse’s hooves and to dig dirt from the small crevices. On the other hand, the plastic brush helps clean dirt from hoof for full hoof inspection.  The length is just right so you can get leverage without poking your horse.

Tough 1 Great Grip Mane and Tail Brush

This product is very durable and works tangles out like a breeze; it doesn’t pull or get snagged; it has a strong brush and a comfortable grip that works better than a comb. It’s Ergonomically shape with massaging bumps that could make your horse feel comfortable and relax after their heavy work. This product is also great for getting through a mane and tail fast. The item can be shipped within U.S and has variety colors that you may choose.

Tough 1 Great Grips Flex Finishing Brush

This unique brush has a soft bristles which is perfect to use on your horse’s legs. It has two flexible joints that allow the brush to form to horse’s body and your hand. It is just the right size for your large rounded quarter horse that fits in its curves or to better follow the contour of your horse. It even has adjustable hand straps to tighten the brush around your hand for comfortable grooming.

Tough 1 Palm Grip Groom (8-Piece)

Another Tough 1 product on the list is this Palm Grip Groom kit with eight (8) piece set that includes; medium brush, finishing brush, cone tooth curry, fine tooth curry, tail and mane brush, long comb and short comb. It comes with a nylon tote bag and various colors; purple, pink, blue and black. All of the brushes are easy to grip for a nice and easier horse grooming.

Tough 1 Great Grip Finishing Brush

This lightweight and ergonomic brush is great for your everyday grooming because it does a beautiful job on your horse’s coat. It is about 6-8 inches long which fits comfortably on your hand. Though it has a plastic bristles, it’s still strong and soft that your mare will surely love. You can also use this on your horse’s face, or anywhere. This is a nice brush that would be great for what it’s actually made for, finishing. For the bottom line, this is a great everyday soft brush for removing dirt and hair, a great finishing brush and not a medium bristle.

StripHair Gentle Grooming Kit

This Striphair gentle grooming kit is now the new way to shed and groom a horse. This is a multi-purpose horse care essential, which is perfect for springtime shedding and a shiny summer coat. It includes four (4) items; the large striphair tool, the mini striphair tool, the healthy skin spray, and the striphair grooming cloth. The large groomer is an all-purpose flexible groomer that will effectively and gently remove loose hair, dried mud, dirt and sweat from the skin and coat. While the small/mini groomer is a more flexible tool that is perfect for gently grooming the face and the legs. It has a convenient size for small hands and fits in your pocket. The healthy skin spray is an effective treatment for common skin issues of your horse and it’s best for nourishing the skin back to good health. The striphair grooming cloth is a flexible, easy-clean, easy-dry material that when moistened with water is ideal ideal to clean the face and wipe dust from the coat. During winter season, this grooming kit is safe to use because it will never cut or pull your horse’s hair out. It removes dried mud and can stimulate blood circulation for good health and gives warm on the back and muscles of your horse before ride.

Farnam Home & Garden 39036 Slick ‘N Easy Horse Grooming Block

This Slick ‘n easy horse grooming block is made for removing loose hair, dust and dirt for a silkier, shinier coat of your horse that works in minutes only. It works amazingly well and you will be so happy with how the block works. One block can groom 10-12 horses. Your will surely love this block after grooming them because it makes them feel comfortable all day or after a long day of work.

Tough 1 Great Grip Spring Curry

Ninth on the list is this Great Grip Spring Curry made by the well-known horse grooming product maker, Tough 1. This is designed with a soft ergonomic handle in 6 great colors; Neon green, Pink, Purple, Royal Blue, Red and Turquoise. It has a reversible spring curry with a smooth side for daily use and a sharper side for really tough mud and hair. When you pull it from the base of the handle and pull the metal rings up and then you spin it, you’ll reverse it easily. This sturdy curry has a rubber/silicone grip which is much easier to use than the plastic handle one.

Oster Corporation Oster Mane and Tail Brush

Last on the list is an item from Oster Corporation which can be used for farming and Horse care equipment. It has rubber control-touch handle that fits on your hands for a comfortable and easy grip. This effective yet gentle brush has a design that enables multi-directional brushing which makes your grooming much more easily. It controls touch and reduces hand fatigue. This makes so easy to get the knots out of the horse’s mane and tail. What more do we expect from Oster’s product?

These are some of the best grooming items that we have researched which you will need for good brushing and equine grooming care. If you’re looking for more grooming product or need some help about effective grooming, just comment below and we would be happy to help you!

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