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10 Most Effective Dog Deodorizer

The perks of being a dog parent, on the contrary of all its advantages, is dealing with dog odor. It’s unavoidable. It’s a package deal. If you are a dog owner, you are also a “dog smell” owner. The unpleasant odor comes along with dog ownership. After exploring methods to eliminate the odor from all over the place, we listed products available on the market that are safe for both human and pets.

What you need to do after reading this page is to decide which one you think best will work for you. Products come in sprays, powder, plug-ins, scented oils and even in granules.

Dog Odor Free Surroundings

After all the snuggling and playing around the house, all of our furnishings are going to hold the distinct smell of dog, and even the most rabid of dog lovers amongst us may not want the whole house to smell of a dog. Let’s get rid of that nasty dog smell using these effective dog deodorizers and odor eliminators.

1 Natural Odor Eliminator

An air fresher, a smell absorber and an air purifier in a tiny bag, this is a gift from nature. Purggo Natural Odor Eliminator is made with 100% Bamboo bedding Charcoal that normally absorbs odor. Works 27/7 that lasts 365 days, this is the longest lasting odor eliminator and air purifier ever discovered by man. This activated charcoal will surely help in removing the dog smell everywhere it can possibly be placed.

Another natural odor eliminator is being recognized in the market, coconut shell charcoal. These products similarly work to give us fresh and healthy air to breath.

2 Nilodor Nilofresh Rug and Room Deodorizer

Another product developed from a natural source, Nilodor Nilofresh Rug and Room Deodorizer (Spring Mint) has a special deodorizing formula. Derived from ground corncobs, is nonabrasive and will not absorb moisture (unlike baking soda based product) neutralizes odors long after vacuuming. Safe for all vacuum cleaners that comes in a 2-ounce shaker can.

3 Pet Odor Exterminator Candle, Lavender with Chamomile

A combination of paraffin and soy in a jar, with powerful enzymes that work to attack malodor caused by cats, dogs, reptiles, and other small animals while it burns. Each candle is made to burn for 70 hours to ensure that your home or work environment always smells fresh and clean.

The Pet Odor Exterminator is a professional strength scented candle that both combats and covers pet odors. Well, it actually removes the odor and doesn’t just cover it.

The Pet Odor Exterminator Candle Jar is made here in the United States and is a mere 13 ounces for your convenience. This product features a pleasant Lavender with Chamomile scent, but candles are also available in other appealing aromas. Keep any area full of pleasant scent that you and your pet will love.

4 Healthy World Pet Deodorizer

Ideal in pet or small animal habitats for outstanding odor control. This product safeguards the animal’s respiratory health because it’s natural that can be used in compost piles as a fertilizer. How to use granules as a deodorizer for the surroundings? Simple. On your initial application sprinkle a thorough and visible layer of Healthy World Pet Deodorizer on the floor of your pet habitat or litter box/tray.  Then add your preferred bedding, if you choose.

A daily or semi-weekly application is suggested to keep harmful odors from accumulating.  When you clean out your litter box, tray, pen or kennel, simply repeat this application or apply as needed to remove noxious odors.

For the winged folks, if you use the deep litter method, apply Healthy World Pet Deodorizer into the litter 1-2 times per week, as well as each time fresh bedding is added. Ensure the safety of the poultry using this eco-friendly odor eliminator.

5 Natural Yard Odor Remover Deodorizer

Urine and fecal odors are unbearable dogs keeping issues, both for your family and neighbors. It safely eliminates bad odors and reduces fly infection and bacteria for a cleaner, healthier, odor-free environment. Feces and urine generate a stench that is discomforting and more to that, it also creates a breeding ground for bacteria and a health hazard.

Smelleze Yard & Concrete Deodorizer Granules absorbs, neutralizes, and encapsulates unpleasant odors from urine, feces, pets, animals, mold, algae, compost, spills and other organic compounds on contact. Smelleze will truly cleanse the air of offensive odors, reduce fly infestation and result in a fresh smelling yard. As an added benefit, the Smelleze granules on your lawn and around shrubs will act as an excellent time release nitrogen fertilizer.Simply sprinkle in yard & smell the difference.

For Smelly Dogs

6 Lambert Kay Fresh Floral Scent

A long-lasting scent that helps keep pets smelling fresh and clean by controlling body odor between baths, this is Lambert Kay in fresh floral scent.This one of the most admired perfume in the market. It has a high-quality property that leaves your pet happy. The flowery smell helps in curbing bad odors and replacing it with a good smell. The spray remains active for a long period hence helping in maintaining a good smell in smelly dogs. Available in a 12-ounce aerosol spray, measures 8-inch length by 2-1/2-inch height by 2-1/2-inch width.

7 Perfect Coat Deodorizing Bath Wipes for Dogs

Maybe the easiest and quickest way to keep your pet clean and smelling fresh, this is Perfect Coat Deodorizing Bath Wipes for dogs. It safely removes dirt, dander and tough pet odors with enriched moisturizing conditioners to leave skin and coat healthy and shiny

Most recommended for its alcohol-free formula making it mild enough for everyday use. Soft wipe material is gentle on skin. It reduces allergens and static buildup from pet’s coat.Keeping pets clean has never been easier. Specially formulated to keep your pet’s coat looking and smelling great in between baths.

8 Pro Pet Works Hypoallergenic Organic Oatmeal and Aloe Dog Shampoo+Conditioner

The dog shampoo & conditioner recommended by Vets is specially formulated for pets with allergies to food, grass and flea bites. It contains almond oil and aloe vera. Made for pets with food, grass & flea bite allergies. It helps eliminated wet dog smell. It also removes tangles for easy brushing.

Safe for frequent use. The organic aloe vera and almonds oil are therapeutic and soothing for your pets’ skin and coat. Saves you a trip to the groomer and keeps your pet smelling fresh. Works well as a pet deodorizer and dog shampoo

9 Top Performance Dog and Cat Cologne and Deodorant

Keep your pets smelling fresh by this professionally-formulated spray effectively controls odors between baths. It leaves a long-lasting, light, clean, and refreshing scent. Safe for dogs and cats of all ages, ideal for use after grooming and for resale to customers. Available in 12 oz aerosol.

10 Ionic Pet Brush – Grooming Comb Natural Deodorizer and Cleaner

Dealing with shedding and smells at the same time is very possible. Get the shedding and smells under control in your home and be happy to spend quality time with your dogs again. Ionic waterless pet brush bathes your pet in cleansing ions instead of soap and water and is perfect for pets that have sensitive skin.

Our ionic pet brush emits millions of cleansing ions that neutralize odor-causing bacteria and impurities from your pets’ fur. As you brush it can also restore softness and shine to your pet’s fur.

Smelly dogs and dog odor are the downsides of keeping pets, but solutions are available. Before deciding on what product to use try to figure out first the source of dog smell. There are a number of things that can contribute to dog odor. It could be the dog or the place. To keep a healthy environment and healthy pets, take two actions. Both should be deodorized.

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