10 Things to Know about Pet Rabbits

»»10 Things to Know about Pet Rabbits

Rabbits make attractive pets for their furry coat, adorable eyes and playful nature but that is about everything some people know about them. Because it is important to learn more, here are 10 things to know about caring for your pet rabbit.

1. Rabbits love to dig and chew in their natural environment so if you decide to keep one as a house pet, learn how to redirect these habits to avoid damage to property. Litter training is also important if you don’t a mess every time you look away.

2. Regular grooming is a must if you want to keep bunny happy and healthy. The rabbit needs brushing, bathing and nail trimming to keep away infections and matting of the lovely fur. Long, sharp nails are dangerous as the rabbit can use them to tear at cushions or scratch their handlers.

3. You might enjoy spoiling your pet but be very wary what you feed them as poor diets always translate to some nasty illnesses for them. Don’t allow your furry friend to go for weeks without exercise if you want to avoid obesity.

4. Due to their unique digestive system rabbits need hay to aid in digestion and prevent common problems like hair balls, diarrhea and obesity. Do your research to avoid feeding your lovable pet the wrong kind of hay which poses dangers due to high caloric content. Rabbits shouldn’t eat tomatoes, cabbage, corn, beans, peas and potatoes as these are too harsh for their digestive system.

5. When we think of rabbits, it is natural for us to assume that they only need carrots in their diet. Rabbits love carrots because they are sweet but all that sugar eventually has a negative impact on their health. Avoid giving too many treats to the bunny and if you must reward him/het make sure that its not a harmful snack.

6. House bunnies must see the vet often for checkups. Like any other living organism these pets are susceptible to diseases that hide in the system until it becomes difficult to treat them. Regular trips to the pet hospital are recommended to save rabbits of any agony.

7. All bunnies need an ample supply of fresh water to quench their thirst and flush toxins out of their systems.

8. Rabbits have delicate bones which can be overpowered by muscles in their strong hind legs. Make sure that rabbits are properly handled to avoid struggles which could cause serious spine problems.

9. Don’t leave cleaning agents or other toxic substances in the rabbit’s way as they might chew on them and die. Aside from common chemicals there are common plants that could poison the furry pets. Aloe, azalea, lily of the valley and assorted bulbs are some examples of plants that bunnies should never come in contact with.

10. Those who choose to cage their pets must ensure that the accommodation features excellent flooring. Bunnies don’t have pads on their feet as dogs do and therefore need soft flooring material on their cages to avoid discomfort.

With these tips on caring for your pet rabbit you can be assured that he/she is always as happy as she makes you.

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