14 Terrifying Facts About Otherwise Adorable Animals

»»14 Terrifying Facts About Otherwise Adorable Animals

Not all cute animals should be trusted.

Meerkats are baby-killing tyrants.

In any clan of meerkats, the dominant female is the only one allowed to have babies — to the point that she will straight-up just murder all the offspring of any other female in the clan. Oh, and then she’ll force the other females to raise her own babies. No wonder Timon from The Lion King decided to hang out with a giant warthog instead.

fzhi555/Flickr Creative Commons / Via Flickr: fzhi555

Dolphins torture their prey.

Don’t be fooled by their smiles or their ability to toss beach balls through hoops — bottle-nosed dolphins have a dark side. Pods of dolphins have been seen chasing and attacking porpoises for sport, and even playing “volleyball” with baby sharks.

Chase Cheviron / Flickr Creative Commons / Via Flickr: ccheviron

Dachshunds can, and will, attack you if they feel threatened.

Pitbulls get most of the bad press, but a 2008 study determined that despite their small size, Daschshunds are actually the most aggressive dog breed, and the ones more likely to bite strangers and lash out at their owners

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