23 Times Dogs Really, Really Embarrassed Their Humans

»»23 Times Dogs Really, Really Embarrassed Their Humans

Only your best friend can embarrass you this badly and get away with it.

The Political Activist

“I took my dog for a walk when I ran into a candidate running for state representative and he stopped to talk to me trying to persuade my vote when my dog decided it’d be a good time to do #2 right on his shoes. The look on his face was priceless.”



“My dog is very well behaved except when he doesn’t get 100% attention, he gets anxious and relieves said anxiety by masturbating with his mouth. I’m a dog trainer and will use him as an example of a well-behaved dog on demo-nights. On one of those nights, he got really anxious and before I could do anything, he humped his face so hard that he scooted all the way across the floor, slurping loudly while people dove out of his way. Needless to say I skipped the ‘Your dog can be like mine!’ part of the speech that night!”

—Jodi Beaulieu, Facebook


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