5 Dog Breeds to Love

»»5 Dog Breeds to Love

Known as one of the best-domesticated animals, dogs are the most incredible, loyal, comforting, and loving animals in the world. These qualities are what make them the most superior pets out there.

But while picking one for your home, there are certain things you need to consider.

1. Temperament: A dog’s personality is most important when selecting you a new member. You need to do enough research to find one with an agreeable temperament. For example, a dog that is calm is a great companion for the kids.

2. Size: Depending on your place of abode, you will need to pick you new family member. Sometimes a large dog like a Great Dane can be pretty docile whereas a Pomeranian can be very excitable.

3. Energy Level: Again, this is a matter of preference and related to the space that you have. You will need to be realistic about the lifestyle you can give to your dog. If your dog has excess energy stored up, it could lead to behavioral problems down the road.

To make things easier, here are the top 5 dog breeds that are easy to live with and maintain.

#1 The Mixed Breeds:

Doesn’t matter what the mix of the breed is, if you have been around mutts, you’d know they are awesome.

Because they are mix breeds, they are genetically known to have inherited lesser health problems than the purebreds.

These dogs are energetic as well as placid, hard-headed and sweet-natured, depending on the breed you choose.

#2  Labrador Retrievers:

Yes, they had to be on this list. Labs are the most popular breeds in countries like Canada, Australia, UK, and the US. These dogs are generally obedient and devoted with a temperament that makes them both good with children as well as other animals.

They are smart, playful companions that are most often chosen to be guide or service dogs for the disabled.

They are best known for their intelligence, patience, affection, and gentleness which is why they are the number 1 companions for children. They are known to self-train by observing the behaviors exhibited by humans and repeating them.

Though big in size, they can do pretty well in spacious areas with a lot of exercise.

#3 Pembroke Welsh Corgis

The Welsh mythology made these Corgis out to be a mode of transportation for the fairies.

Pembroke Welsh Corgis can be shy at first but will slowly open up to strangers as time passes. They have a strong desire to please their owners and are good with kids. They are also highly athletic and spirited.

They are also known as silly looking dogs because of their huge ears, long torso, and big butt.

#4 German Shepherds:

The German Shepherds are a relatively new breed. Courageous, loyal, obedient, and eager to learn are a few characteristics that describe them. Extremely intelligent, they excel at anything they need to do.

Most often they are used as police or service dogs. They love so much that they may suffer from separation anxiety and can get destructive when they are bored at home.

Originally bred for their intelligence, they are courageous, protective, and dependable. They are fairly big dogs at 24 inches and 80 pounds but if well-exercised they are not too shabby and can live in an apartment.

#5 Beagles:

Due to their intelligence, this breed is used by the law enforcement around the world at airports to sniff baggage for non-permitted items. They also have a lack of inherited health problems and a temper that is good for families and small children.

One of the most common reasons why they are abandoned and tortured at a pound is due to their howling.

They are conveniently sized, handsome and easy-to-groom, friendly with people, peaceful with other pets making it perfectly natural as to why many people consider them as wonderful pets. 

They need a lot more exercise than people actually give them which is why most beagles are fat with health problems.

However, these dogs were originally bred as hunting dogs and thus exhibit a number of hunting behaviors. They are explorers and chasers who will follow their nose. However, they can be stubborn.

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