5 Ideal Aquarium Heaters for your Tank this Winter

»»5 Ideal Aquarium Heaters for your Tank this Winter

5 Ideal Aquarium Heaters for your Tank this Winter

Pet keeping as hobby automatically turns an individual into a steward of life. Hobbyists take full responsibility towards the welfare of their pets. The well-being of the critters being kept starts but doesn’t end with the basic needs to keep them alive. Humans are created stronger than these animals to make us capable of looking after their needs. We took them from their natural habitat for valid reasons. Now that they are living among us, it’s time to value the co-existence that we both share as living things. We should understand and appreciate the differences. We need to be extra sensitive to their unspoken needs.

Unlike humans and warm-blooded animals, fish do not produce their own body heat. To maintain the required body temperature, they must rely on the temperature of the water. Maintaining the proper water temperature is important for the health and well-being of your fish.

In order to reach and maintain these temperatures, a water heater is necessary. Fish typically need water temperatures of 80 degrees or higher. Just like tanks come in many different shapes and sizes, aquarium heaters come in a wide range of sizes with an assortment of features and at a variety of price points.

As a rule of thumb, water temperature should not change more than a couple of degrees daily. A stable heater that can maintain a constant water temperature is a must. To avoid fatal consequences and frustration to the fish parent, best quality heaters for aquariums come in.
Although some fish do well in cool water, many aquarium fish are most comfortable in water that is above room temperature. Therefore, heaters are an important part of an aquarium environment.

To accompany you in your journey towards successful and rewarding pet keeping, we listed some of the best aquarium heaters for your reference in choosing the best one for your tank.

1 ViaAqua Quartz


Available in 50 / 100 / 200 / 300 watts, this reliable heater is fully submersible and constructed with high-quality break-resistant glass. ViaAqua Aquarium Heater has a built-in thermostat to automatically regulate temperature (adjusts itself to the desired temperature). Readings are highly visible with red numbers, and the heater is easy to set up with the included suction cups.

It can handle up to 13-gallon tank (50 liters), with the highest option being 300 watts for handling up to 80 gallons (300 liters). ViaAqua is made of high quality-glass, fully-submersible with visible temperature settings.  It is a versatile option, can be used both for freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

2 Aquatop GH Series


This is the heater with quite more accurate temperature settings compared to other brands in the market. It’s easy enough to adjust the temperature settings, and the display for the temperature setting is highly visible. It measures 14.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches, and its power ranges from 50W to 300W. This gives you a temperature range of 68° to 93° F for up to 75-gallon tanks.

Aquatop GH Series comes with suction cups for the setup, while it also features double insulation with high-quality insulated glass. You just turn a knob to adjust the temperature, and the display tells you the temperature setting. It’s very powerful and easy to set up. It’s quite handy, with many other people saying that it has worked for them for years plus the idea that it’s very budget friendly.

3 EHEIM Jager Aquarium Thermostat Heater


This fully submersible heater measures 1.4 x 19.9 inches, and it’s recommended that you place it horizontally.

The EHEIM Jager Aquarium Heater is constructed from shock resistant and shatter proof glass for fresh or marine water. The glass is heavy for extra strength and the power cord has an industrial feel to it. The heater features thermo safety controls that will protect against running dry and will turn itself off if the water level dips too low.

Temperature is automatically regulated via its TruTemp dial and there’s an on/off indicator which allows you to monitor things at-a-glance. EHEIM Aquarium Heaters are available at different watts, from 25 and 50 watts all the way to 300 watts (there are 9 models available).

The 300 watts can handle as much as 150 gallons, although the recommended ratio is 5 watts per gallon of water. The 25W is one of the best beta heaters around, as it can heat the water to at least 78° F in small tanks no bigger than 7 gallons.

It comes with a warranty good for 3 years. It has a good reputation for durability. You see an indicator light when it’s working. The TruTemp dial stays within 0.5 of your desired temperature. However, setting up requires some calibration.

4 Fluval E Electronic Heater


Fluval E Electronic Heaters provides you with the option of 50 watts to 300 watts, and all come with a 5-year warranty. Resembling a military device, the Fluval E Electronic Heater is technologically advanced in continuously monitoring and displaying water temperatures in aquariums. It packs many features including LCD display, dual temperature sensor, adjustment lever, and outer guard that keeps the fish and invertebrates safe in case of contact with the inner shock resistant glass heater core.

The LCD constantly shows real-time water temperatures, with changing color display, if the water temperature varies from the pre-set temperature, and flashing display if there’s a drastic change in water temperature. The dual temperature sensors work for accurate and real-time water temperature readings. The adjustment lever allows you to adjust the temperature in 0.5° increments. Equipped with a slim profile mounting bracket; the heater can be mounted at any angle. It has colored display alert system. Suitable for aquariums up to 100 gallons.

5 Top Rated Neo-Therm Heater


The first eye-catching signature feature of this heater is its elegant design. It is small and super flat that makes it easy to attach on the side of the aquarium, thus making it space-efficient too.

The simple and effective “one touch” control system comes with an advanced electronic thermostat. The thermostat is accurate to ±0.5ºF and the temperature can be set from 66ºF to 96ºF. Your pet fish livable temperature should fall within this range.

Equipped with an electric thermostat and two indicator lights, each indicator light is associated with one label. The indicator light above your chosen setting stays steady while the indicator above the current water temperature label keeps flashing until the two temperature labels are equal. These lights are handy when keeping track of the water temperature so you can ‘come to the rescue’ if you notice the temperature goes out of the acceptable range.

For extra safety and reliability, this product is furnished with an integrated thermal protection circuitry. This circuitry will shut the heater down before it can overheat so the fish and living beings in the aquarium will not have to suffer from the overheated water.

The outer casing is also designed to be shatterproof and waterproof. Thanks to that, the heater is fully submersible into the water and can be arranged anywhere in the tank. It also blends perfectly with a black background. Despite its 3-year warranty, that might discourage some aquarist, it is well worth the dollar spent because it is sealed tightly to make sure that water will not destroy it.

Poikilothermic animals, especially fish, have a small range of livable temperature. Beyond the tolerable temperature range, the fish will struggle or even die. Having an aquarium heater and choosing the right one may be more important than you think in keeping your fish happy and healthy. Aquarium heaters are needed mostly by tropical fish species, they require heat to survive in temperate regions while the sub-tropical ones can live in cooler water as long as it never gets too cold. As an aquarist myself, I agree that having fish as a pet requires less attention but realizing that they are like our captives inside a constructed environment, they cannot even shout for help if they are in trouble. We need to provide everything they need to make their environment suitable for them in any circumstances. Buying the ideal heater for the tank is as essential as clothes we buy to keep us protected from weather changes and extremely harsh climate during winter.

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