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5 Paw-some Animal Dads

With Father’s day around the corner, it was always wondered which animal is after all the best father in the animal kingdom. The search is on to find the best father in the animal kingdom, and they will be judged on nurturing ability among other factors. Seeing that the 16th of June is Fathers day globally, the best dads in the animal kingdom seems like a great way to see which animal you can identify your dad with (naturally we are referring to all the positive aspects here).

Below is a list of the 5 most awesome animal dads.

  1. Giant water bug

The top spot on the list goes to the giant water bug that carries his offspring with him wherever he is. They garner the top spot on the list in which the water bug father carries his eggs on his wings until the offspring hatch. Do not think that because the water bug cannot fly, and is carrying his kids that he cannot still inflict pain on his aggressors. As a good father, he protects his brood; in this case, father protecting his unborn eggs. Paternity is shown here in its finest form.

  1. Great Horned Owl

One of the characteristics of being a great father is the quality of being resilient and working hard. The owls search for a mate with hooting calls, and once the male has found a partner; they go searching for a place for the winter to procreate. The Owls will then produce young which the mother will incubate in the later winter months. In this time, the father will go out and hunt for food. Just as the father goes to work during human pregnancy, owls do the same in the wild. However, after a month or so of incubation, the mother begins to hunt for food as well. Therefore the Great Horned Owl takes the second spot on the list for the most resilient father, and for being the most cooperative father working in cahoots with the mother.

  1. Greater Flamingo

The Greater Flamingo takes the third spot on the list for their take-over attitude. Generally, Greater Flamingos spend more time incubating the eggs than the mother. The male flamingo is also more aggressive towards outside forces coming into the nest area.  As any good father, their main aim is to protect their family. This is one animal that does not show any form of misogyny in any form at all, where all responsibilities are evenly shared, from protection to incubation to feeding. The Greater Flamingo just like a good father: shares responsibilities with his partner.

  1. Jacanas

The livelihood and outlook of life of the Jacana are a contrast to the previous animal on our list, whereby the Jacana male incubates the eggs, feed the young and making nests for their offspring; while the female Jacana wonders around searching for a mate. In this case, the male does all the work, while the female goes out and finds as many mates as possible. Ironically a father such as this would be one of the most caring, as they are used to being in control of all family activities, thus being dependent and strong in nature. Another few striking features of the male Jacana are that they would stay at home while the female migrates, and even goes a step further to look after offspring of another.

  1. Seahorse

The last animal on this list takes the father role a lot more serious than the previous two and becomes the female. One of the more rare cases in the animal kingdom of paternal instincts is that of the Seahorse, whereby male pregnancy is experienced. They experience a reverse fertilization whereby the female deposits her eggs into the male’s pouch, where after 45 days of incubation the seahorse offspring hatch. Seahorse males also experience labor contractions that are generally experienced during mammalian pregnancies. The amounts of eggs that are laid are normally ranging from 80 to 100 offspring and thus the species survival is fairly high, especially with great paternal instincts.  As with any good father, they will go through physical pain to ensure all their children are protected and have everything that they need, and if something happens within the family such as an unfortunate loss, the family will surely stick close.

Final thought

Each animal listed above shows us the characteristics of a great father, and with animals specifically in the wild, we see paternity in its truest form, albeit vicious at times. One could easily relate the behavior of animals to that of humans, and similarities are very evident. A perfect example of this is the Emperor Penguin that keeps the young warm and well nourished, while she sets out to sea to feed for a couple months. When the mother is away, the father cares for the young in all ways such as food, warmth and even milk which he produces from the esophagus.  Therefore a great father can possess any one of the positive aspects listed above, but one quality shines above everything else- Love.




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