5 unusual pets to keep you quirky and fun.

»»5 unusual pets to keep you quirky and fun.







Fennec Fox. Most foxes do not make good pets, but the Fennec fox is the exception. This desert fox is smaller than a cat, is very smart, and can be taught to use a litter box.  The Fennec fox requires a lot of exercise, is very playful and poses no threat to other people. When fully grown, a Fennec fox weighs between 1.5 and 3.5 pounds.







Hedgehog. Don’t let their spines fool you, hedgehogs are incredibly friendly and extremely affectionate. If you want a small, calm, low maintenance pet, they may be right for you.  But beware, Hedgehogs are nocturnal, so if you are not a night owl, you might want to choose a daytime pet.







Skunk. A skunk, are you kidding? No, in fact, a skunk makes a great pet once you have their scent glands removed. But once their glands are removed they are defenseless, so they can’t be released back into the wild, so make sure that they are a forever pet. A pet skunk needs little care, and are very playful, and can entertain themselves quite easily with a few little toys laying around.








Spotted Genet. Spotted genets are independent animals that originated in Africa.  They look like a cross between a ferret, a cat, and a raccoon. Since the spotted genet is considered to be an exotic pet, you might not be able to have one as a pet in your area. Spotted genets are very active and high strung, but skittish and they do best in a home where they’re the only pet.







Sugar Glider. These sugar gliders (pocket pets) are cuddly, very tiny creatures that are incredibly playful, loyal and learn tricks easily.  The sugar glider is a great pet for the whole family. Like the hedgehog, they are nocturnal creatures, so if you don’t like to be up late at night, they might not be right for you.

Remember some of these pets and others are exotic pets, so you might have to check with your local or federal government to see if you are able to keep them in your home. Do the research, or find someone in your area that might have them as pets, to see if they are right for your home and family.

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