National Hug a Bear Day (Stuffed Not Carnivorous)

»»National Hug a Bear Day (Stuffed Not Carnivorous)

We know what you’re thinking, ‘hug a bear, isn’t that dangerous?’ This day is more than meets the eye and no we do not suggest hugging a REAL bear, although that would be awesome!

National Hug a Bear Day is celebrated on November 7 of every year. Hug a Bear Day is a created to understand the benefits of hugging. We human beings always love to be hugged. Because it gives us warmth, comfort and makes us feel loved. Hence, National Hug A Bear Day is a perfect day to give a tight hug to your loved ones and also your cute teddy bears

The origin and the founder of National Hug a Bear Day is still unknown. Hug a Bear Day is not a day to embrace the massive, dangerous and angry beast – Bears. Hug a Bear Day is a day to give a tight hug to your loved ones and your favorite teddy bear. The ancient Egyptians have been recognized for the making of the first plush toys. Even though there are no remains of the stuffed toys invented in Egypt, paintings on the monuments suggest they did own animal toys. Modern stuffed animals were first released in the year 1830, but they were handmade with cloth and straw. In 1880, Germany started manufacturing stuffed animals that closely resembled the cute toys that we still purchase today. Stuffed animals were not popular in the US until 1906, when President Theodore Roosevelt inspired the production of the first “Teddy Bear.”

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