7 Ideas On How To Spend Christmas With Your Dog

»»7 Ideas On How To Spend Christmas With Your Dog

Are you in the midst of planning for your holiday activities? That’s great. Christmas is one of the most awaited holidays of the year. We plan ahead of time to spend it the best way we can with our loved ones. We want it to be memorable for each family member including our four-legged buddies. Aside from merely spending quality time with our pets, Christmas has more to offer as we celebrate the season with a bang.

To help you with wise ideas on how to spend your Christmas, here are additional 7 items on your list. Let me share with you our thoughts on how to spend Christmas with your dog.


1. A Naptime Together


Festivities bring us all sorts of noise and buzz. Observe your dog’s ability to deal with stress from hustling and bustling. Most pets need a quiet time and rest. Ensure a comfy spot with enough water and food as they retreat to avoid restlessness and anxiety. You might need to recharge too for holiday festivities, have a naptime together.

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2. Movie Time


Watching movies might not be the best idea to spend Christmas, however, if you opt to celebrate holidays by watching movies with your family and doggies, why not? Pets love this experience as well. Search and list down available movies that your kids and pets would enjoy together. You may download movies starring famous celebrity dogs or simply dog movies.

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3. Attending Christmas Parades


Can your pal handle loud noises and crowd? Bring them to parades. The sight and the sound of Christmas parades are looked-for by our fun-loving family members and pets. Just remember to have your dog leashed to ensure safety while enjoying the celebration. A retractable leash can help you out for a suave parade watching.

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4. Visit Old St. Nick


Does your kid ask to have a photo with Santa during your visit to stores? Grab your list of stores where pets are allowed as you go shopping for holidays.  A pet-friendly photo session with Santa is another remarkable way to spend Christmas with your dog. Have the photo framed in your living room where visitors and your dog can have an easy view of that captured moment.

5. Welcome your Guests


Put your dog at ease as you welcome your guests over Christmas visits and dinners. Being included in the Christmas celebration is rewarding for both the pet parent and their pets.  This holiday, give your dog a task that will help them cope with visitors and unusual commotion and will give them a sense of involvement. Train them to do meet and greet. Set the Christmas mood by having a dog in a Christmassy outfit as your receptionist.

6. Christmas Away from Home


Celebrating Christmas away from home doesn’t mean away from your pets too. Prior to accepting invitations, inform your friend or relatives that you wish to spend your Christmas with them along with your dog. Most probably, your dear friends will understand your situation if you wish to have your pet join in the celebration. It’s a bonus if they have a dog too, who loves to have a guest over for dinner.

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7. Holiday Pampering


Everybody loves being pampered, including your non-human family member. Take advantage of holiday promos to give you pets a feel-good experience of the Christmas celebration. If you are not into dressing up your dog for the occasion, you can still spoil them with a good bath and shampoo for their best look and smell. A pampered dog and a pet-parent add to the festive air as you set the mood for entertaining guest this holiday.


There you have our top 7 suggestions on how to spend Christmas with your dogs. We will be more than happy to have your tips too and provide you with more as we celebrate this season the best way we can. Happy Holidays.

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