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 With the beauty of their  long, elegant hair comes the everyday grooming, primping, and bathing that is necessary to keep their coats manageable. Some are very heavy shedders, and some are not. Some are small and some are very large. But above all they all have great personalities and are great companions and family dogs. Here is a list of just a few popular long haired dog breeds.

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier











The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier has been known in Ireland for more than 200 years as an all-purpose farm dog, prized for being agile, quick and able to patrol borders of small farms. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), it shares common ancestry with the Kerry Blue and Irish Terrier, but is distinguished by its soft, silky long coat.This long haired dog breed requires brushing every other day and trimming and bathing on alternate months to maintain the shape and look of its coat. Sturdy, fun loving, and sometimes hard headed the Soft Coated Wheaten is a friend to one and all. He’s relatively easygoing for a terrier, needs a moderate amount of exercise, and can make a great family dog. Read more about the Wheaten Terrier.


Bearded Collie










Known for  and developed in Scotland for herding sheep and cattle in any terrain or weather condition. This Collie should be differentiated from the Highland Collie because of its long facial hair. The Bearded Collie has been bred for centuries to be a companion and servant of man. They are obedient and popular companion dogs that love to play with children and spend time with people. They’re known for their double coats, which are soft and furry underneath with a straight, coarse outer coat that requires regular brushing to be kept mat and tangle free. They function today as excellent family companions, show dogs, working sheepdogs, or even all three. Because of their energy and quickness they are well suited to competing in obedience, rally, agility, and other dog sports. Read more about the Bearded Collie.

Yorkshire Terrier











Yorkies may be official members of the Toy Group, but they’re naturally brave, determined and energetic, and have the demeanor of a dog with a larger stature. Yorkies are bold, curious and always ready for adventure. They can be stubborn and assertive to small or unfamiliar dogs and make excellent watchdogs. The breed was known as a companion animal of high society European families and was prized for its long, silky blue and tan coat. Their coats, which are often floor-length for dog competitions, can be prone to tangles or catching debris if kept long. They should be brushed or combed every other day. Read more about the Yorkshire Terrier. 

Afghan Hound



















Hailing from Afghanistan, where the original name for the breed was Tazi, the Afghan is thought to date back to the pre-Christian era and is considered one of oldest breeds. With a dignified, elegant presence and a history as an aristocratic dog, the Afghan Hound is covered with thick, very fine hair. Their coat is one found among animals native to high altitudes and can come in all colors. While the breed is known as an excellent hound, its popularity as an exceptional show dog has risen with its introduction to the U.S.. Afghan Hounds do well as companion dogs, but need regular exercise because of their size in addition to regular grooming because of their long coat. Read more about the Afghan Hound.
















Don’t be fooled by the giant mop appearance — the Komondor is used today as a sheep guardian in Hungary and is known for bring a large, dignified dog. Its long, white corded coat helps protect the dog from the elements and from injury by predators. Their coats require detailed attention, including separating the cords by hand to prevent matting or tangling. After bathing, Komondors should be towel dried as much as possible, as it can take two or three days for their coats to dry. Because of their large size, Komondors also need plenty of time outdoors and require long walks daily. He still retains a strong protective instinct and will defend his family and property with his life. Read more about the Komondor.

Lhasa Apso












Originally from Tibet, the Lhasa Apso was a highly regarded watchdog in the palaces and monasteries of his mountainous homeland. Today’s Lhasa is no longer a palace guard but primarily a family companion who loyally protects his family from danger. Though small in stature, the Lhasa is a sturdy and independent dog. A companion dog known for its long, dense coat, Lhasa Apso’s are known for being sturdy little dogs that are extremely devoted to their families. Their coats require daily brushing to be kept tangle and mat free and can be clipped shorter to be more manageable. Although they’re small, Lhasa Apso’s are also independent and stubborn by nature and require a firm hand when training. Read more about the Lhaso Apso.













Recognized because of its long, silky white hair, the Maltese is a quintessential lap dog known for being lively, playful and fearless in spite of its toy size, according to the AKC. The breed originated in Malta and has been owned royally across the globe for centuries. Largely indoor dogs, Maltese do not need outdoor exercise beyond short walks and socialization. Its coat, which can be floor-length, may be clipped for easier maintenance and must be combed regularly. The Maltese is gentle and fearless, and greets everyone as a friend. This is a sprightly, vigorous dog who excels not only as a companion but also as a therapy dog and competitor in such dog sports as agility, obedience, rally, and tracking. But most of all, he loves to be with his family. Read more about the Maltese.

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