Activists Release New Video Targeting Eggland’s Best

»»Activists Release New Video Targeting Eggland’s Best

Mercy For Animals has released another undercover video which shows the terrible conditions inside egg farms. The activist organization claims the video is from two Briarwood Farms locations, and that the farms are suppliers to the Eggland’s Best brand of eggs.

The video shows the chickens in cramped living conditions, dirty cages, and workers mishandling the birds.

Eggland’s Best leadership has already fought back, claiming “To the best of our knowledge . . . those flocks were never supplying Eggland’s Best eggs.” Mercy for Animals feels certain the eggs go to Eggland’s Best and have released this video to encourage egg companies to only choose cage-free suppliers for their products. Currently, Eggland’s Best receives about 30% of their eggs from cage-free suppliers and are already in the process of going completely cage-free in the next decade. Leadership at Eggland’s Best claims they are the leaders and “ahead of the game” regarding animal welfare and that “It is unprofessional and unfair [for Mercy for Animals] to represent us as the slackers.”

Briarwood Farms launched its own internal investigation, hiring animal care auditors and poultry veterinarians.

We’ve added the video below, but caution readers before watching it. The video shows the cramped conditions of the chicken cages, and shows workers shoving and tossing the animals. Mercy for Animals hopes to improve the treatment of the animals.

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