Allow me to set a scene for you:

You’re a Brazilian construction worker, going about your day, building a dam. You and your team find a small cave in the way of the dam you’re building, so you set off an explosion to destroy it. When you do, you casually stumble across a 33-foot-long anaconda.

For workers building the Belo Monte Dam in Brazil, this scenario actually happened.

The Belo Monte Dam is one of the most controversial dams being built today. International Rivers, a river conservationist group, says the dam is being constructed on the Xingu River in the state of Pará, Brazil, and would allegedly destroy a huge area of the pristine Brazilian rainforest.

And when workers are using TNT in the amazon, it’s easy to see their point. Whether or not the blast killed the snake is unknown, even though there is a video of the snake being pulled from the rubble. In the video, which can be seen here, the snake very clearly appears to be dead.

Whether or not you’re afraid of snakes, killing an anaconda that’s potentially the world’s largest to build a dam is certainly a tragic loss to science. Some are accusing the workers of intentianlly killing the snake, while they maintain it was an accident.

What do you think of this? Did the workers freak and kill the snake on purpose, or was it an accident? Should they even be building in the Amazon Rainforest in the first place? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

-Nick Say

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