Animal Cruelty in New York

»»Animal Cruelty in New York



Around 400 animals, mostly turtles and birds, were rescued on Tuesday from a home in Nassau County. This rescue mission is considered the largest animal seizure seen in the county.

The animals were removed because of unsanitary conditions. According to ABC 7 NY, the home sounded like a rainforest because of the birds. Of the 250 birds, many of them were exotic and several were crammed in cages together.

In addition to the birds were reptiles, mostly turtles. However, an animal expert also identified an Asian Water Monitor, a large lizard illegal to own.

In fewer numbers were small mammals, like chinchillas, prairie dogs, a skunk, and sugar gliders.

“We’re going to be here for a long time today. It was animals living in filthy water, they didn’t have proper food and water, and they were living without a healthy supply of healthy fresh air. It was very unsanitary in there,” said Gary Rogers, SPCA Spokesman.

Officials had been to the home previously and had given the owners an opportunity to improve conditions. But, upon arrival, they found the situation had deteriorated again.

The animals have all been removed, and the home owner faces animal cruelty charges.


Photo Credit: Asian Water Monitor, image from Wikipedia

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