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22 year-old Sophie Renouf and her three-year-old son, Finley, were on a casual walk through Cornwall’s Tehidy Country Park on Thursday, July 14, 2016. As a bold young Finley reached out to feed a grey squirrel, six more squirrels jumped from the bush and attacked him.


When Renouf saw her son’s hand covered in blood, she intervened immediately. She recalls having to shake one of small animals off herself, as it attempted to crawl up her leg.


Finley’s injuries were not life-threatening, but he did require immediate medical attention. For three hours, doctors at the Royal Cornwall Hospital treated the boy’s puncture wounds and bandaged his fingers.


Renouf told reporters that as a child, she fed squirrels in the same area. She had no idea there was any possibility of danger involved, and had just convinced her son of that fact when the animals attacked. She also said that a friend of hers texted her about the incident, saying squirrels in the same area bit her daughter


A spokeswoman from the Cornwall Council released a statement about the attack, acknowledging that the squirrels “are quite used to people being around and unafraid to approach if they think food might be available.” She cautioned against feeding them however, remarking that “they are wild animals which are naturally capable of finding their own food.”


Maybe we should all keep the councilwoman’s statement in mind when feeding squirrels.



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