Bengal Cat… Or Ninja in Training?

»»Bengal Cat… Or Ninja in Training?

This video is a couple of years old, but it is making its rounds on social media again lately. The cat in the video fakes being asleep in order to try to sneak some chicken.

From the YouTuber’s post, “Rajah, my 5-month-old F4 Bengal cat, is learning the way of the ninja cat – trying out a sneaky new method to see if it works for him. This is my office desk where I was eating lunch while working. He definitely got his share of chicken after I finished capturing this video.”

Bengals are an entertaining breed for sure. Their intelligence paired with their activity level makes them especially mischievous and fun to be around. Bengals must be stimulated with plenty of opportunities for activity. They enjoy climbing, splashing in water, and in this case, tricking their owner. Without entertainment, they can become destructive in some of their habits. But, it looks like for this Bengal, life is good (and full of chicken)!

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