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Quaker Parakeet is also referred to as the Monk Parakeet or the Quaker parrot. It originates from the temperate regions of South America such as Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia. In the wild, these birds have the unusual ability to utilize branches and twigs to build large, communal nests where all members of the colony live. Because of this rich social structure, Quaker Parrots are very friendly, energetic and highly social, making them wonderful pets. Find out more about these birds below:


Quaker Parakeet is a small parrot, with a bulkier body that measures about 11-12 inches long, including the long tail. Its wingspan is about 19-20 inches, while its weight is about 3-4.9 oz. It’s green in color with the legs, chest, forehead, throat and cheeks having a pale grey color. Males and females look alike. The juveniles look like the adults, but their grey forehead is tinted with green.


Depending on the quality of care they receive, these birds can live for up to 25 to 30 years as pets.


Quaker Parakeets are social, loving, loyal, playful, cheeky, intelligent and comical birds. They have a great zest for life that you’ll certainly find contagious. Their lovely personality emanates a positive attitude towards the surroundings and life in general. They’re packed with so much energy that they spend most of their time climbing, swinging and playing with toys. They also love chatting and whistling with one another, but in the process of doing so, they sometimes make loud noises.

As pets, these birds bond very well with their owners, and are known to be very loyal. Well-socialized, hand-fed Quakers are usually very gentle, which makes them wonderful pets for young or beginner bird owners.

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