Missing Child Found

»»Missing Child Found

FLORIDA- Divers in Lake Buena Vista have found the body of the 2 year old who was dragged away by an alligator at a Disney hotel. The child, Lane Graves, and his family were from Elkhorn, Nebraska.

Lane was playing with his family when he was snatched away by an alligator and quickly dragged off. The parents were unable to catch the child, and additional support was brought in. The Sheriff’s Department dive team recovered the body, in the same area where the child disappeared, at 3:30 PM on Wednesday.

The search effort began the previous evening on the beach of the Seven Seas Lagoon at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. The beach is part of a man-made 200 acre lake.

The boy had been wading in the water with his parents and sister when he was attacked by the alligator. According to the sheriff, the family was doing what any average family would be doing. “I believe what this 2-year-old was doing is what perhaps any 2-year-old might be doing as well,” the sheriff said.

The Disney Resorts have closed their beaches for now, noting that no attacks had occurred in the area previously, and there have been no recent reports of “nuisance alligators”.

But even with no reports of nuisance gators, the animals are capable of moving quickly underwater and across land. Fencing areas off is not a solution to keeping alligators out.

It’s been a difficult week for Floridians, with the Pulse Club attacks, killing 50 and the fatal shooting of “The Voice” competitor, Christina Grimmie, the previous weekend.

“We’re doing our best to deal with all of the situations we have going on here,” the sheriff stated. “But our staff is very resilient,” he added, and “they’re very focused, if you will, on assisting this family.”

Source: New York Times

Photo: The Seven Seas Lagoon at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa near Orlando, where 2-year-old Lane Graves was dragged away by an alligator Tuesday evening. Credit John Taggart/European Press Photo Agency

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