Breaking Waves and Records with ‘Dory’

»»Breaking Waves and Records with ‘Dory’

The weekend isn’t over yet, but if estimates are correct, Finding Dory will rank as the biggest domestic opening for an animated film with an amazing $136.2 million.

It’s been 13 years since Finding Nemo debuted, and followers have been waiting with great anticipation for it’s sequel, which follows everyone’s favorite forgetful blue fish, Dory.

Finding Dory showed in 4305 theaters this weekend, raking in an astonishing $136.2 million. In addition to being the highest grossing animated movie its first weekend, it is also the only animated movie to break the top 20 list for opening weekend totals, ranking number 18.

Dory also opened oversees this weekend, grossing a total of $50 million.

Prior to Dory, the top animated domestic launch was Shrek the Third, which debuted at $121 million in 2007.

So have a beautiful fishy weekend with Dory as she searches for her family with her buddies, Nemo and Marlin. It’s been a long time coming Dory; congrats!

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