Bringing Your Dog to Disneyland

»»Bringing Your Dog to Disneyland

It’s nearly winter break for your kiddos and you’re planning to take the whole family to Disneyland. You’ve got all the details down:  budget, accommodation, a list of rides for the kids, restaurants to try, and even your outfits are planned out. Everything is all set. Then you hear a bark and realized, who’s taking care of the dogs when you’re away? Suddenly you don’t feel so excited anymore.  You’re not so keen on the idea of leaving your pets to your next-door neighbor. What if he forgets to feed them on time? And what if they get sick? That and you’re not sure if you can last a day without seeing your beloved furry friends.  It sounds a bit over-the-top but a lot of people have experienced separation anxiety when they go for days without seeing their pets.

Well, why not take your furry pals with you? At Disneyland, you can! Disneyland has a Kennel Club where you can board your pet for a day.  Dogs, cats, birds (given there is no avian bird flu alert), rabbits and non-venomous reptiles are allowed. For a small price of $20 you can now relax and enjoy your day at Disneyland without worrying about your pets. Other boarding options are also offered: Indoor boarding which costs $37 and includes two potty walks, indoor/outdoor boarding at $40 which includes one potty walk, and Vacation Villa which includes one potty walk, playgroup, a flat screen TV  & a turndown biscuit at $59. That is one pet on vacation, I’ll say!

A few reminders when boarding your pets at the Disney World Kennels

1.     Bring your own pet food to avoid dietary problems. However, food will be supplied should you forget.

2.     Bring your pet’s favorite toys and a blanket. Again if you forget, the kennel will provide at no cost.

3.     For dogs and cats that are four months older, bring official records that show their most recent vaccinations for rabies, distemper and hepatitis. Cats would also need vaccination records for feline leukemia, rhinotracheitus and calcivirus. So you don’t have to worry about your pet getting contaminated with other pets’ diseases.

4.     Park employees are not allowed to touch your pets so it is your responsibility to place them in and out of the kennels.

5.     Stop by at the kennels and visit your pets every now and then. You can also walk and play with them at designated areas.

6.     The Kennels are for daytime use so make sure to pick up your pets before the day ends.

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