Bugs and Such… Choosing an Unusual Pet

»»Bugs and Such… Choosing an Unusual Pet

Why should you keep insects, bugs, and other invertebrates as pets? The answer to this question is very simple. Many people love strange shaped beautiful insects, their diversity, color, interesting life cycle, and unusual behavior. Lots of people around the world discover the fun in keeping insects as pets. Many people in Japan, the United States, and Europe love to keep and breed insects.

Invertebrates such as stick insects and praying mantids are fascinating and quite practical pets. The shape of them is very beautiful. They come in different fascinating colors and they show particular behavior. Animals grow, hunt, molt, and lay eggs. It is really fascinating to see their methods of camouflage and defense. Their modest requirements for housing, food and care are the additional practical advantages. Compared to common pets like dogs, birds, rodents, and cats, they require very less space and time. They are also harmless, free from allergies, and their food is less expensive than most common pets. Unusual pets are increasingly popular due to all these factors. So, people, regardless of young and old, keep these types of pets.

Some of such unusual pets are:

• Monarch Butterflies
• Silkworms
• Crickets
• Ladybugs
• Black swallowtail butterflies
• Praying mantids
• Bearded dragon lizard
• Crocodile
• Hedgehog
• Hermit crab
• Stick insect
• Hippopotamus
• Potbellied pig
• Madagascar hissing cockroaches
• Llama
• Axolotl (Mexican dogfish)
• Skunk
• Scorpion
• Sugar gliders
• Giraffe
• Pet rock
• Doodlebugs
• Ants
• Tarantulas
• Hissing cockroach
• Grass hoppers

Pet bugs and insects can be really entertaining and fascinating. They are very clean and quiet. But, you must be very careful if there are children at your home. Most pet bugs and insects are too fragile to be handled. You must also select species that are not very venomous.

Hissing cockroach is an ideal choice for beginners. You can care them very easily. They do not stink and they are not venomous. They are wingless, docile, and sturdy. You can keep hissing cockroach in an aquarium with plenty of sticks.

An ant farm is the other interesting pet bug. They do not require handling at all. Some other choices are beetles, caterpillars, leaf insects, etc. The Costa Rican Zebra, the Mexican Redleg, and Chilean Rose are some of the best species for beginners. Pet tarantulas may bite, which is venomous too. An allergic reaction is the biggest danger.

If you do not have time and energy to waste on living organisms, you can consider pet rocks. Maintaining them is very easy and cheap and they can live for millions of years if you provide them the right environment.

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