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Let’s face it… we all love successful animal rescue stories and hopefully the latest will turn out the same as ones from earlier this year! Sacramento is in the news again for another cat in a tree story. In February, firefighters successfully rescued Oreo high atop a tree in a South Sacramento neighborhood. In March, two cats were rescued after being stranded in trees due to high rising waters of the Sacramento River.
Now Bunny has been in a Sacramento neighborhood tree for 10 days and its owner, Monica Montoya, is fearful that the cat will succumb to starvation.
“She comes out at night and she goes to the end, and she cries all night,” Montoya said. “It’s gotten to the point where I’ve got to close my door because she’s crying too much, and I know she is starving to death.”
The length of time a cat can live without food depends on the condition of the cat’s body. Cats that don’t eat for long periods of time often develop hepatic lipidosis, otherwise known as fatty liver disease. Cats typically succumb to the disease after 2-10 days without food.
Sacramento firefighters have twice, unsuccessfully, tried to rescue the kitty but the tree is hollowed out and the owners will not allow the tree to be cut down for Bunny’s rescue. Metro Fire Battalion Chief Anthony Kastros stated, “We’re going to regroup and hope to get some assistance from a specialist, either an arborist of an animal control specialist, or we may even bring a team out if we need to go to the next level.”
Here’s hoping that Bunny is returned to her owner safe, healthy, and sound!


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