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Regardless of whether you’re hard of hearing or have perfect hearing (for a human), this infographic will show you that – whilst us humans are a talented bunch for the most part – our hearing doesn’t compare in the slightest to some creatures out there.

The pitch of a sound is measured in Hertz (Hz) frequency, with the smaller frequencies being lower notes and higher frequencies being the opposite; higher pitched notes. While it may seem animals can hear better than humans because they can hear sounds we can’t hear, their ability to hear is not always better than ours. What differentiates hearing in animals vs. humans is what an animal needs to hear in order to survive.

Animal hearing capabilities also depends on the placement, size and shape of their ears. For example, animals with large pinnas (the visible parts of the ear) such as bats and elephants are better equipped to detect vibrations since big pinnas are more effective at funneling vibrations to the eardrum. Also, animals with heavy ear bones cannot pick up high-frequency vibrations but are superior at hearing lower frequencies.

This interesting infographic breaks down the hearing of animals in the depths of the oceans and flying high in the sky.

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