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Having been bred for over 15,000 years, raising mice is a popular choice for a pet. Like any other pet, caring for pet mice is an essential undertaking to ensures the mourse leads a comfortable and healthy life while not exposing you and your family to health issues. Basic things you need to observe in mice care include:

Nutrition and diet

You pet mice requires proper feeding. This should provide with essential nutrients that will ensure its health. Failure to do so exposes the pet to ailments including diarrhea, obesity and overgrown teeth among others. The food used must be balanced with high fiber content. It is important to avoid oily foods and those with high fat content. Course vegetables and roughage are essential to enhance wearing of teeth naturally.

Hygiene and cleaning

Your pets will be living within your premise. They require a clean environment at all times. Keeping pet mice in unhygienic condition always leads to development of unpleasant odosr that not only keep the health of the mice at risk but encourages pests infesting the mice. Always ensure that food remnants are removed form its housing often to avoid rotting and growth of bacteria within the cage. Wet bedding and droppings should also be removed regularly.

Exercise and play

Mice are active animals. When activity is not provided, they get bored and chances of stress behaviors are high.. These may include trying to escape from the nest, rearranging accessories within the nest, and constant gnawing. It is important to ensure there is adequate play materials provided for the pet. These include toys and exercise wheels that ensure the pet gets adequate access to the much required activity. Selecting chewing toys is also ideal as it encourages gnawing an exercise essential for wearing of teeth. Mice are intelligent, they have capacity to learn and therefore can be trained to respond to certain commands and in such way increase their activity.


Perfect housing is required for your pet. Cages must be well ventilated and spacious enough. There must be toys as mentioned above, and adequate lighting.


If you meet these simple criteria, keeping a mouse or rat may be a perfect first pet for you or your family!

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