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3 10, 2017

19 Surprising Butterfly Facts

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Butterflies are beautiful creatures that bring feelings of joy and happiness to us, whether they are floating around a green pasture or as stickers on a colorful spiral. In Australia, they are even commonly kept as pets in aquariums in people's homes. But is there is more than meets the eye with these colorful creatures? [...]

23 03, 2017

Wanna see Adorable Puppies on National Puppy Day?

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Happy National Puppy Day! With all the stress in the world, the thought and images of sweet little precious puppies can put a smile and warm the heart of most anyone, scrooge included. I can't think of anything that could bring me down after taking a gander at these fine baby canines. Take a few [...]

13 03, 2017

February is National Butterfly Month

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The butterfly is one of the most beautiful insects on the planet, and it is fitting that February has come to be known as National Butterfly Month.  Closely related to moths, there are more than 28,000 species of the insect worldwide, varying in size, shape, and color. Their beauty and prevalence have made them a fixture in [...]