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31 03, 2017

Who is April the Giraffe?

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Have you ever gone to the zoo, or some type of safari park, and then all of a sudden you had to look up. Why, because strolling by in their lumbering fashion is the a long necked thing of beauty, the Giraffe. Most Giraffes aren't famous for what they have done, but April is special [...]

23 06, 2016

Good News for Animals

By |2016-06-23T06:00:19+00:00June 23, 2016|Categories: , , |Tags: |0 Comments

Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron filming PSA calling for "less meat, less heat" Recently, the Chinese government has encouraged its citizens to cut back on meat and other animal products to improve their health. Schwarzenegger and Cameron have teamed up to give a similar message to Americans. In addition to health related problems caused by [...]

21 06, 2016

Giant Alligator Strolls Across Golf Course

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It doesn't matter how many times we watch this, we just can't believe it's real! This giant alligator just strolls along a Florida golf course a couple weeks ago. If it wasn't on camera, we wouldn't believe it! Florida has been in the news several times recently, and for outsiders, it may seem quite strange. [...]

14 06, 2016

Boy Shares Pictures with Gorilla

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A video of a boy sharing pictures with a gorilla resurfaced this week, most likely in response to the gorilla incident in Cincinnati. This beautiful moment, captured on camera, shows a young man looking at gorilla images on his phone and showing them to a captive gorilla at the Louisville Zoo. The gorilla sits next [...]