14 04, 2017

National Dolphin Day!

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It’s National Dolphin Day! Some of us remember the 60's and the hit TV show Flipper. The story was about Ranger Porter Ricks who was responsible for the animal and human life in Coral Key Park, Florida, and centered around his 15-year-old son Sandy and 10-year-old son Bud, and especially on their pet dolphin Flipper. In the show [...]

30 03, 2017

What do Dolphin Sounds Mean?

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For generations’ scientists and layman alike have tried to put meaning to the clicks and squeals of dolphins. Is it a language, a higher intellect of which we cannot grasp? Is it signals, advanced forms of communications, or is it just mindless jibber jabber from a very overly happy animal? These are the questions we will [...]