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2 01, 2018

22 Strangest Animals in the World

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Most of us don’t grasp the variety of animals species that inhabit the Earth today, and some even get surprised as they find out there’s an animal they haven’t heard of before. But seriously now – out of 1,367,555  identified non-insect animal species that live on Earth today, how do you expect to know every single [...]

21 12, 2017

Can you ‘Ear’ That?

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Regardless of whether you’re hard of hearing or have perfect hearing (for a human), this infographic will show you that – whilst us humans are a talented bunch for the most part – our hearing doesn’t compare in the slightest to some creatures out there. The pitch of a sound is measured in Hertz (Hz) [...]

15 12, 2017

Why Do Animals Play?

By |2017-12-20T19:07:04+00:00December 15, 2017|Categories: , , , |0 Comments

From siblings pelting each other with snowballs to chimpanzees wrestling over a banana, playful behavior is usually easy to spot. But the question of why humans and the majority of non-human animal species play – and whether we all play for the same reasons – is less apparent. Sixteen researchers from fields including animal welfare, [...]

11 12, 2017

Do Chinchillas Make Good Pets?

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You've seen those comically oversized ears and been smitten by the adorable chinchilla. Now it's time to move past the "Awwww, I've got to have one!" response and figure out whether owning one of these rodents would be practical, and whether you can meet the associated responsibilities. Chinchillas have lots of qualities widely considered desirable [...]

4 12, 2017

International Cheetah Day

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Here are some things you can do to celebrate International Cheetah Day on December 4th: Learn about cheetahs – scroll down to see our cheetah facts Wish everyone you meet a very “Happy International Cheetah Day!”. Get yourself a Save The Cheetah International Cheetah Day shirt from our Bonfire fundraising campaign. Read Freeda The Cheetah [...]

6 11, 2017

Jobs for Animal Lovers

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Everyone wants to do something they really love – and for people crazy about animals it only makes sense to do something that lets you help your fellow furry friends. After all what could be better than helping animals, caring for them or just generally playing with them and making money while doing it. Here are [...]

27 10, 2017

The Happiest Animal in the World

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You might not have heard of the quokka before, but there's a good chance you've seen pictures of them floating around the internet. They're distinctive because of their cheeky little grins, and it's no surprise that they're often referred to as the happiest animals in the world. Quokkas come from the same family as the [...]

2 10, 2017

Bat Appreciation Month

By |2017-10-03T21:17:03+00:00October 2, 2017|Categories: , , , |0 Comments

October is Bat Appreciation Month! It may seem odd to honor an animal that is so widely despised, but as is often the case, the reputation of the bat says more about the folks who fear it than it does about the animal itself. You shouldn’t fear or hate bats. They’re fascinating little critters. And [...]

1 09, 2017

Save the Koala Month

By |2017-09-06T20:21:56+00:00September 1, 2017|Categories: , , , , |0 Comments

September is a special time to consider how you can help koalas. This month is Save the Koala Month, and September 29 is Save the Koala Day. Not only are they adorably cute and furry, they also help spread eucalyptus in the ecosystem and also maintaining the whole environments health. They are also called "eucalyptus [...]

28 08, 2017

15 Different Monkey Species

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There are more than 260 species of Monkeys found in the world today. They are derived from early primates that have been around for millions of years. There isn’t enough information about evolution to say with certainty how they came to be. These primates range in size from only about 4 ounces to those that weigh [...]