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22 06, 2017

Everyday Care for Chinchillas

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Basic pet care is basic life training. Having a pet is like having a baby; it requires planning and anticipation which sets a long term responsibility, an addition to your family, and something that can share a bunch of memories as you go along with life. A pet is a part of something personal that [...]

2 04, 2017

April 2nd is National Ferret Day!

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That's right, today is National Ferret Day! Whatever the origin, ferrets and ferret enthusiasts continue to celebrate this day. Ferrets make wonderful pets and will amuse you for hours with their play. Ferrets are cute, playful and inquisitive pets but they do have highly specialized needs. We explore the key considerations you take into account before bringing a [...]

26 05, 2016

A Clutch of Feathery Friendship

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This week's exotic pet of the week comes to us from Liz in Texas, who has shared several pictures of just some of her backyard chickens. Chickens aren't exactly exotic pets, but for most, they are more unusual than dogs and cats. Liz has several back yard chickens at her Texas residence, in [...]

12 05, 2016

Moosic: (n) Moose Music

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Alaskan Britta Schroeder woke up this week to what she thought was a windy morning blowing her wind chimes about. Instead, she found the air was still, and instead, it was a MOOSE making "moosic" on her back porch. Amazing catch Britta!

9 04, 2016

Misconceptions about Tarantulas

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As pets, tarantulas are definitely not for everyone. But if people will really examine their fear of tarantulas, they would realize that the fear is actually based on myths that are perpetuated by mass media. Once you get to know tarantulas better, you will come to the understanding that they are not the monsters that [...]

3 04, 2016

Exotic Animals as Pets

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  This week, we look at an example of people properly caring for Exotic Pets. Exotic pets are not recommended for the general owner, but require a level of expertise as well as the proper space, habitat, and food to ensure the health of the animal. For those who have that ability, there are many [...]