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19 09, 2017

Preparing Pets for Hurricanes

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Too many times lately we see pets abandoned during weather-related disasters and with yet another Hurricane possibly headed our way (Maria), Petplan pet insurance wants to remind responsible pet parents to be aware of these simple tips to keep their pets safe and sound out of harms way. The Basics Before the Storm: Keep calm [...]

22 11, 2016

7 Thanksgiving Treats for Your Cats

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Unicorn Cat Playtime Grooming Arch Who won’t love this, your cats get to play while getting groomed at the same time. It has bristles that contain loose fur for a stress-free home grooming. Unicorn Cute Pet Cat Dog Plush Fruit Toys This skin friendly plush toy has a built-in whistle that makes noise when your [...]

22 11, 2016

7 Thanksgiving Treats for Your Dogs

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Thanksgiving is a perfect excuse to overindulge on sweet and savory treats. It is also the perfect time to spoil our pets. So give in to your furry best friend’s adorable begging face with our ready to eat treats that will have their tails wagging. Thanksgiving Gunny Stick, Dehydrated Dog Treats Your dogs will love [...]

7 11, 2016

Penguin Love Triangle: Video of Bloody Battle Between Penguins Goes Viral

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Just when the world started to adopt movies with themes on cheating and third parties, now animals seem to follow the same craze as well. The video recently captured by the National Geographic on a fight between two penguins due to unfaithfulness has gone viral on the world wide web

7 11, 2016

Climate Change Can Turn Frogs Vegetarian

By | 2016-11-29T00:28:57+00:00 November 7, 2016|Categories: |Tags: |0 Comments

Scientists have discovered that increasing temperatures can affect the dietary choices of frogs. Researchers at the Universities of Lisbon and Uppsala studied the behavior of three kinds of amphibians to discover what effect heat waves can have on their diets

7 11, 2016

Not Twilight! Vampire Bats Develop a Taste for Pigs, Possible Health Threat to Humans

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Vampire bats have a penchant for the blood of wild pigs, and it could have disastrous effects throughout Brazil

6 11, 2016

23 Tumblr Posts About Dogs That You Won’t Get Through Without Smiling

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“While my friend and I were out ice fishing, his dog broke out of his house and got herself a job.” On hugs: thefingerfuckingfemalefury.tumblr.com On injuries: ghostsfacer.tumblr.com On footwear: thedailylaughs.tumblr.com On bedtime: basementdemo.tumblr.com View Entire List ›

6 11, 2016

19 Baby Pugs So Ridiculously Cute That You’ll Die From Love

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They’re so adorable… it kinda makes me want to cry. Surely you have encountered one of these little balls of love. thepuglifestore / Via instagram.com With their loud snores and bug eyes. chesterthepuggy / Via Instagram: @chesterthepuggy They're soooooo stupidly cute that it's almost hard to believe that they're real. brucethepugking / Via instagram.com Have [...]

6 11, 2016

19 Places Animal Lovers Should Visit Before They Die

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Swim with pigs, scope out sloths, watch seal pups play, and more. Exuma, Bahamas The swimming pigs are located off of Big Major Cay. You may recognize them from Pitbull and Ke$ha's "Timber" video. Learn more here. Norm Lanier / Via Flickr: cdorobek Nara, Japan Tourists can en-deer themselves to the roughly 1,200 sika deer [...]

6 11, 2016

Woodpeckers Never Get Headaches Despite Constant Pecking — Here’s Why

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Over 300 species of woodpeckers in the world peck wood for a number of reasons. It may be to drill holes for food storage, dig for sap or insects, or simply unearth nest cavities. But woodpeckers do not give a direct hit, but gradual blows, which are not so hard on the creature