14 12, 2017

How You Can Help Animals Affected by the California Wildfires

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Last week California began experiencing some of the largest wildfires in decades. As the fire grew it took lives of loved ones and homes of thousands. Those even smaller and helpless were affected by the California wildfires as well, animals lives and homes were taken in its wake. The disastrous combination of extremely high winds [...]

31 10, 2017

Animals That Symbolize Halloween

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Have you ever wondered why certain animals became a symbol for the spookiest day of the year, Halloween? We have gathered information from history and old legends that has made Halloween the holiday it is today involving animals. Black cats: Black cats are one of the symbols of Halloween and have gotten a bad rap [...]

12 10, 2017

High-Tech Pet Gadgets You Need

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As animal lovers, we sometimes go to extremes to not only pamper our pets, but to make life with our four-legged friends more enjoyable and healthier for everyone. We try to feed our pets the best food possible not only because we want them to be healthy, but to avoid high vet bills or the [...]

4 10, 2017

Liam and Fenway: A Special-Needs Child and His New Friend

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Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) is characterized by degenerative muscle weakness. Unfortunately, there is no known cure. “It is 100 percent fatal,” Kristen McGourty told the Metrowest Daily News. Her son Liam, now 10, was diagnosed with DMD in 2010. The disease affects mostly boys and the life expectancy typically does not extend beyond the teenage years, Kristen [...]

21 09, 2017

Abby’s List: A Dogumentary

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This heartwarming feature film dogumentary called Abby's List is about a 16-year-old Whippet named Abby and her owner, Mark Sutherland's, epic cross-country trip completing Abby's "bucket list". From sailing in a yacht, see snow, gamble in Vegas and caddying for a golf professional. At 15-years-old, Abby began going downhill very quickly and Mark knew he [...]

19 09, 2017

Preparing Pets for Hurricanes

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Too many times lately we see pets abandoned during weather-related disasters and with yet another Hurricane possibly headed our way (Maria), Petplan pet insurance wants to remind responsible pet parents to be aware of these simple tips to keep their pets safe and sound out of harms way. The Basics Before the Storm: Keep calm [...]

29 08, 2017

Houston Shelter Offers Space to Displaced Owners and Pets During Harvey

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After Hurricane Harvey hit thousands of people were forced to leave the comfort of their homes as a result of the flooding in Houston over the weekend, many have one important thing on their minds: their pets. As the water began to rise, Thomas Hayes, 73, stayed in his house in the neighborhood of Tidwell [...]

25 08, 2017

Hurricane Harvey Viral Hero

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A dog that accidentally got loose today during Hurricane Harvey has become an unlikely symbol of Texas hope and strength. Otis, a German Shepherd mix, got loose today from a screened-in back porch in Sinton, Texas, while in the care of Salvador Segovia, 65 years old. Segovia was watching the dog, who belongs to his [...]

10 08, 2017

Safety While Walking Your Dog in the Hot Summer Months

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Dogs need to be exercised every day, even when it’s hot or dark outside. Follow these tips to make sure that you and your pooch are making the best choices to stay safe while out walking.   Stay Hydrated Walking is an important part of keeping your dog healthy, but it is counterproductive if it [...]

8 08, 2017

Hero Animals

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Everyone loves to read stories about animal heroes. Meet these 5 amazing creatures that saved their human's lives and deserve recognition. From snowy mountains to summer lakes, these heroes will amaze you.   Velvet, the Black Lab Mountaineer On President's Day weekend in 2007, Matty Bryan, a special education teacher, and several friends from Portland, [...]