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13 12, 2017

National Day of the Horse

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National Day of the Horse is observed annually on December 13. National Day of the Horse encourages people of the United States to be mindful of the contribution of horses to the economy, history and character of the United States. The domesticated horse we know today, also known as Equus caballus was introduced into North America by Spanish [...]

11 08, 2017

Horse Sense: How Horses See the World Around Them

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Horses, like people, have their own unique personalities. No two horses are exactly the same. Yet many share very similar qualities. Affectionate, cautious, patient, and courageous are all terms commonly used to describe horses.  When horses and their humans spend a lot of time together, they often become inseparable and bonded for life.  It is [...]

9 08, 2017

Preventing Common Horse Injuries

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Prevention is always better than cure, especially when it comes to horse injuries that may end up requiring expensive veterinary treatment. It’s virtually impossible to prevent horses from injury all of the time but the following tips that can help you reduce the risk. Common injuries  Contusions are a region of injured tissue or skin where [...]

13 07, 2017

National Farriers Week

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What is a farrier? A farrier is a specialist in equine hoof care, including trimming and balancing of horses' hooves and sometimes also placing on the shoes. This profession is very old and stretches back hundreds of years paralleling the increasing domestication of horses. Due to the animals not being in the wild, their hooves [...]

6 07, 2017

Will Wild U.S. Horses Be Slaughtered?

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In July 2017, the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee voted on whether or not the U.S. would allow horse slaughtering plants to reopen on U.S. soil. The results were resounding. The Committee voted yes when asked whether or not they would pass the Udall-Graham-Coons-Feinsten-Reed-Collins-Shaheen Amendment that prevents horse slaughtering plants from reopening on U.S. soil. [...]

3 07, 2017

Horse Ownership: Yea or Neigh?

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Today, about half a million families own one to three horses and thousands more say they would like to own horses but don’t feel like it would be practical or affordable. Horses are not cheap to purchase, with pedigrees costing well into the thousands and even unregistered grade ponies costing several hundred. Yet ask anyone [...]

10 05, 2017

Taming a Green Horse

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When I was a young girl, I had a retired racehorse, named Ticket. Ticket-to-Ride had been her registered name when she began her thoroughbred racing career at the ripe old age of 2-years-old. Her career lasted a staggering 1 year before she sustained two great injuries on her legs on two separate occasions. Her previous [...]

11 04, 2017

National Pet Day is April 11!

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The first National Pet Day was held on April 11, 2005 and was created by Colleen Paige “to create public awareness about the plight of many different kinds of animals awaiting a forever home in shelters and rescues around the globe.”   The response quickly exploded worldwide and today we celebrate the joys of pet ownership [...]

14 03, 2017

10 Simple Tricks to Start your Horse

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Teaching your horse to do simple tricks can be fun for you and the horse.  It is important from the start to "bond" with your horse before any halter or bridling/saddling begins. Touching and being around your horse creates a trust between you. By nature, horses first reaction to fear is to flee. With these [...]

6 03, 2017

Practical horse hoof care tips for the equine inclined

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It is a misconception that it is up to the farrier to care for and upkeep our horses' hooves for total health and performance. But, it is up to the owner to deal with the daily management of their horses' hooves, because great hooves mean great health. Here are some common tips that owners need [...]