6 10, 2017

Weird Cat Behaviors Explained

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Your cat’s antics can say a lot about what they’re thinking. Cats are funny animals that’s half the reason Youtube exists and they’re funny because so much of what they do seems inexplicable. Partly this is because, even after thousands of years of domestication, cats have retained many quirks and instincts that made more sense in the [...]

5 10, 2017

Easy-To-Make Treats for Your Pup

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This time of the year is when we are starting to see the weather get chillier and it becomes the best time to cook from dusk to dawn for the family. When it comes to cooking, you love to whip up an incredible meal for your family; from yummy casseroles, to delicious crock pot meals. Your [...]

4 10, 2017

Liam and Fenway: A Special-Needs Child and His New Friend

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Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) is characterized by degenerative muscle weakness. Unfortunately, there is no known cure. “It is 100 percent fatal,” Kristen McGourty told the Metrowest Daily News. Her son Liam, now 10, was diagnosed with DMD in 2010. The disease affects mostly boys and the life expectancy typically does not extend beyond the teenage years, Kristen [...]

3 10, 2017

19 Surprising Butterfly Facts

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Butterflies are beautiful creatures that bring feelings of joy and happiness to us, whether they are floating around a green pasture or as stickers on a colorful spiral. In Australia, they are even commonly kept as pets in aquariums in people's homes. But is there is more than meets the eye with these colorful creatures? [...]

2 10, 2017

Bat Appreciation Month

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October is Bat Appreciation Month! It may seem odd to honor an animal that is so widely despised, but as is often the case, the reputation of the bat says more about the folks who fear it than it does about the animal itself. You shouldn’t fear or hate bats. They’re fascinating little critters. And [...]

29 09, 2017

Would You Like a Coffee With Your Cat

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It’s International Coffee Day and there aren’t many more splendid moments than sipping a hot cup of coffee on a cool fall morning with your favorite feline snuggling up to you. Coffee shops that welcome pets are growing in popularity and popping up all over the U.S. from California to New York City. But one [...]

28 09, 2017

World Rabies Day

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Learn more about how to protect your pets from rabies. World Rabies Day is a global awareness campaign started and coordinated by the Global Alliance for Rabies Control, a non-profit organization that has headquarters in the United States. World Rabies Day is a United Nations observance and it has been endorsed and supported by various [...]

27 09, 2017

How to Help a Traumatized Dog

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"Hello Buddy," says a woman in the green "Volunteer" shirt. She sets up her chair, pulls out a book and begins to read out loud in her gentle, soothing voice. “If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans.” Inside [...]

26 09, 2017

Lending a Paw: 7 Animals Helping Animals

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1. The Dachsunds Who Adopted a Tiger Bessi the Dachshund came to the rescue of a tiger cub born at Stroehen Zoo in Germany after the cub had already experienced the loss of two important figures in only a week. For reasons unknown to the zookeepers, the cub's mother rejected it just after birth. The [...]

25 09, 2017

Halloween Safety for Black Cats

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Throughout human history, humans have had a love-hate relationship with cats, especially black cats. While it is true that the ancient Egyptians worshipped cats, Western culture has maintained several unpleasant superstitions about them. Beginning in the Middle Ages, some people have associated cats with witchcraft and evil doings and many actually believed that witches could [...]