27 11, 2017

Deciphering Pet Food Labels

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With so many products on the market all claiming to be the best, how does the average pet owner know whether the food they are purchasing for their pets is really healthy and safe? Knowing how terms are used on pet food labels and understanding the reality of what is actually going into our pet’s [...]

22 11, 2017

Pet Proofing Your Home’s Electronics

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Whether you’re concerned about man’s best friend getting caught up in your computer cords or your purr machine eating the buttons off of your stereo pets of all kinds need a little assistance when it comes to getting into mischief. Protecting your pet in your home starts with putting down the toilet lid, securing the [...]

20 11, 2017

Keeping your Dog Warm This Winter

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We love these simple and effective tips for keeping your dog warm as these colder temperatures come in. The weather is getting colder in our part of the world, and although our dogs are better at keeping warm than we humans are, there are still a few things we can do to help them stay [...]

13 11, 2017

7 Great Habits for Elderly Dogs

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It is no surprise that man's (and woman's) best friend is now living longer than ever before. Over the past few decades, dogs have been promoted from a mere working animal to a beloved member of the family. Families with dogs have become ever more conscientious about meeting all of the needs of their canine [...]

9 11, 2017

Travel With Your Feline in Style

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No one ever wants to put their cat into a carry case, but there are times when we have to. If your poorly cat needs to take a trip to the vet, or if they’re going on an adventure with you, it’s important for the safety of both you that they’re secure in their carrier [...]

6 11, 2017

Jobs for Animal Lovers

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Everyone wants to do something they really love – and for people crazy about animals it only makes sense to do something that lets you help your fellow furry friends. After all what could be better than helping animals, caring for them or just generally playing with them and making money while doing it. Here are [...]

3 11, 2017

World Jellyfish Day

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Did you know that a group of jellyfish can be called a bloom, a swarm, or a smack? Despite the word “fish” in their names, jellyfish are not actually fish. No bones about it, they are invertebrates! Besides their lack of bones, jellyfish also lack a brain. Instead, they have a network of nerves, but [...]

31 10, 2017

Animals That Symbolize Halloween

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Have you ever wondered why certain animals became a symbol for the spookiest day of the year, Halloween? We have gathered information from history and old legends that has made Halloween the holiday it is today involving animals. Black cats: Black cats are one of the symbols of Halloween and have gotten a bad rap [...]

23 10, 2017

DIY Cat House For the Outdoors

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There is no doubt that you love the smallest member of your family. Yes, you got it right. We are talking about your cute little pet. Pets are lovable and cuddly especially if it is a cat. It is your responsibility to see that your cat is safe and comfortable. The best thing you can [...]

19 10, 2017

The Hotel That Lets You Eat With A Giraffe

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It takes a minute to sink in. Yes, that's a giraffe, casually poking its head through the open windows, scoping out your breakfast and hoping for a snack. Yes, it's close enough to pet, as you snack on muffins and fruit trays. Yes, this moment blows that Disney princess brunch you had in fifth grade right [...]