• Sassy Chihuahua

Sassy, a Chihuahua rescue, barked for five hours to save her 92-year-old owner who had fallen.

Marie Alexander claims that Sassy, her pet Chihuahua, never barks – unless the doorbell rings.

And yet, it was Sassy’s incessant yapping that saved the 92-year-old’s life.

On August 13, 2016, Alexander walked outside her Florida home to check the mail. She thought nothing of it, and didn’t bring her cell phone with her; instead, she had Sassy a few steps behind her. As they returned inside, Alexander tripped over the stone pathway leading back to the house, falling backwards and hitting her head – and Sassy went into emergency mode.

For five grueling hours, while Alexander lay on the ground, Sassy never left her side. Alexander’s yard is obscured by a fence and bushes, making it impossible for passing vehicles to see her. Still, Alexander says Sassy “ran down every car that passed.”

But unable to see or hear them, none of the passing drivers stopped. Between chasing down cars, Alexander recalls that Sassy “came up and laid beside me each time and licked my face.”

Hopeless and injured, Alexander recalls praying and trying to crawl to shade, only to run out of energy in an ant pile.

Finally, when someone walked by Alexander’s property, Sassy ran up to the fence and barked furiously. The passerby peered over the fence at the dog, and saw Alexander writhing in pain.

Alexander was taken to a nearby hospital and treated for severe hydration and broken ribs. In an interview with ABC News, Alexander recalled rescuing Sassy from a nearby shelter. She had previously been owned by a woman who moved into a nursing home, and could not take the dog with her.

“I’m so glad I got her at that shelter,” Alexander said. “I saved her at the shelter and she saved me.”

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