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Since pet pigs have become popular over the last decade, celebrities started a trend by choosing them as house pets. With any animal it is important to know about how to take care of them and their temperament before becoming an owner. With pigs being unusual pets there is not always much information available. Keeping a traditional breed of pig as a pet may be impractical, as they can grow so large you will not have room enough to house them, although you can keep almost any breed type. Since the Potbelly pig only grows to the size of a small dog it remains the most popular.

Different breeds of pet pigs result in different temperaments although they come in all sizes, shapes and colors. The first thing you should think about is your reason for wanting a pet pig. This will help you decide which type of pig breed will be the appropriate choice and the type of pig care they will need. Pigs happen to be very intelligent animals and certainly just as intelligent as dogs. They are headstrong, very playful and curious. These characteristics are all in their favor as pets because it is possible to obedience and housetrain pigs. The only issue here is that they may become destructive if they are left alone for long periods, as they require a lot of stimulation.

Pigs that are pink-skinned tend to suffer terribly from sunburn, so you will need to have either a natural or man made shelter to house them or they would not be the correct choice for you. Most of the purebreds are colored like the Duroc or Tamworth or the black pigmented, Large Black and Berkshire. The Hampshire and Saddleback are also black breeds but they have a distinctive white belt over the shoulder area and the front legs. Potbelly pigs are still a popular favorite amongst pet pig owners.

However, most people do not realize how large pigs can grow. Pigs often end up with a weight that exceeds 200 kilograms. It is for this reason that you will need to build strong fences. If you decide on a miniature pig you should be aware that their weight range could be between 20-50 kilograms. Pet pigs prefer to be part of a small group than on their own because they are sociable animals. You will be well advised to get more than one so that your pig has company. This will also ensure that your pig is less bored and will get up to less mischief. You should do proper research before you make your final decision about owning a pet pig.

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