Choosing Dog Foods

»»Choosing Dog Foods

“How do I choose the best dog food?” This is a question that puzzles many dog owners both first time as well as experienced owners. And although the internet is full of advice and tips, making the right choice is still a challenge. Are you aware that the wrong nutrition will affect your dog’s health and life? It will be less-energetic, suffer from illnesses too often, or not reach its prime. When choosing the best food for your dog , t you need to consider the following tips:

1. How Old is Your Dog?

Are you raising a puppy or a fully-grown dog? The nutritional needs of a puppy are quite different from those of a mature dog. A puppy needs more calories due to its high energy requirements as well as more protein to assist in proper growth and development. A mature dog is less-active and has stopped growing and will need less calories. However, due to declining immunity you need to feed it with more vitamins and minerals.

2. What’s The Nutritional Need of Your Pet?

Have you felt the tummy and rib section of your dog? The shape and feel of the waist and ribs will determine the amount of calories needed by your pet. A dog in good shape will have slightly visible ribs and a waistline and can do with food which 20 to 25% of the calories come from proteins. However, if you can’t feel the ribs or the waist has disappeared , you need to cut down on the calories to between 10 and 15% every month. If not, you risk seeing your dog suffer from nutritional-related diseases such as pancreatitis.

3.Is The Dog Food Certified?

Do you know that many foods marketed as being the best for dogs are not? And this is probably the reason your pet’s fur has lost its shine or has become thinner. Before buying any dog food, you need to make sure it’s certified by the relevant authorities. The Association of American Food Control Official(AAFCO) offers guidelines on the best foods for dogs. Health and safe food should contain at least 95% of the main ingredient. For instance, if its beef then 95% of the ingredients should be beef. Platters, dinners or entrees should consist of at least 25% of the key ingredient.

Coming across dog food that claim to be the best is quite common. In fact, you will be spoilt for choice when searching. Nonetheless, it’s essential to focus on the above question so as not to make the wrong decision. Can you imagine spending lots of money on the so-called best food only to later realize that instead of improving your dog’s health, it was actually affecting it? Choose the best dog food and enjoy many happy and fruitful years with your dog.

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