Choosing the Right Leash for Your Dog

»»Choosing the Right Leash for Your Dog

Leashes are very important for a dog. There are a variety of leashes out there depending on the size of the animal and the reason for the leash. There are leashes for simply walking your dog and there are other types of leashes for training your dog. When walking your pet outdoors, consider the breed and size of the dog. You want to always make sure your dog is secure on the leash and at the same time, making sure everyone is safe around the dog.

You need to begin training your puppy very early on a leash to get the animal accustomed to wearing it. A leash is a tool that essentially controls your pet by preventing them from running off and getting hit by a passing vehicle, chasing other animals or running towards people and children. You may own an aggressive dog and a leash is an excellent training aid in managing your dog’s behavior.

Therefore, there are many types of leashes to consider when making your decision. These may include retractable, adjustable, a chain, standard making it only one length, and a safety-harness (i.e., like a seat belt). Factor in the length and width the lease should be and the material of the leash. There again, the materials can range from nylon, chain, leather, and ones that have a reflective strip. Chain leashes sound harsh but are used on the dog that likes to chew on his/her leash when being walked. The retractable leash is ideal for a dog that has already been trained to walk appropriately on a leash. The seat-belt leash is helpful when traveling with your animal and the animal needs to be secure in a moving vehicle. It allows the dog to sit comfortably while affixed to the back seat. Also, do not forget to ensure the leash is wide enough so that it won’t snap if the dog strongly tugs on the leash while walking, or suddenly takes off running.

Lastly, where are you walking your dog? Believe it or not, this should be factored in when purchasing the right leash for your pet. For instance, a reflective leash is better for a dog owner who walks their dog on country roads or strolling later in the evening. Also, the leash can be longer because the dog has more room to roam. However, if you reside in a city or close to town, you should use a shorter leash due to crowds of people wandering about.

You will find that purchasing the right leash is a process that changes over a period of time. When you do find that leash you will notice that your walks together will be more calming and memorable.

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