Choosing the Right Number of Fish for Your Aquarium

»»Choosing the Right Number of Fish for Your Aquarium

Providing a natural environment for your fish starts will a suitable aquarium. One of the major components of your suitable aquarium is the right amount of space for your fish companion. The aim is to have maximum stocking level without overcrowding the tank. According to the rule of thumb, “1 inch of fish is added to 1 Gallon of water”. As a general rule, a 60 gallon aquarium can hold 60 inches of fish.

However, this rule of thumb does not always apply. How many fish you can put in the fish tank will depend upon several factors, such as

  • height and length of the tank
  • territory requirement of fish
  • activity of fish
  • amount of aquarium plants
  • the number of hiding places and
  • maintenance of the tank.

For example, the territory requirements of various fish species are different. Active swimmers require more space to move around the tank. The taller fish tanks should be less lightly stocked as they offer less surface area.

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