Combat Zika with a Bat House

»»Combat Zika with a Bat House

As we’ve seen already (here), bats are amazing creatures, and many of the 1000 species are facing extinction. Although many people are afraid of bats, another fear is looming at night: mosquitoes and the diseases they carry. With the threat of Zika virus spreading, some people in the southern United States have stepped up to combat disease carrying insects and protect endangered species by adding a bat house in their back yard.

A small bat house can shelter up to 25 bats, and each one of the nocturnal mammals can consume 1000 insects every night. Mosquitoes aren’t their only, or even their favorite treat, but in the thousands of bugs eaten each night, more than a few of them are bound to be mosquitoes.

Bat houses are becoming so popular in some areas that people can purchase them at local hardware stores. Or you can build your own.

Whether your interest is bat conservation, disease prevention, or both, a $20 investment is all it takes to get started on a bat house of your very own.

According to the CDC every state in the United States has had cases of Zika virus. As of June 2016, none of the cases have been locally acquired; all cases have consisted of travelers, their sexual partners, and infants still in utero.

However, with the temperatures heating up, concerns over potential Zika carrying mosquitoes increase.

For full details of the Zika virus, refer to the CDC’s website.

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