Comfort Dogs Assist in Orlando

»»Comfort Dogs Assist in Orlando

ORLANDO, FLORIDA- Comfort dogs from across the country have made their way to Orlando this week to support those affected by the Pulse Nightclub attack.

50 people were killed and 50 others injured Sunday morning, after a gunman entered the nightclub and opened fire on the patrons. It has been labeled as the largest mass shooting in United States history and has only deepened the debates on terrorism, gun rights, and LGBT protections. For the families of the victims, however, they are in the midst of this, and also grieving.

For some people this week, the grieving process was made a little easier, thanks to LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs. The group of comfort pups began arriving as early as Monday morning and have made their way to a counseling center. Comfort dogs are available to people to offer a furry shoulder to lean on. Dogs can’t change the circumstances, but they definitely provide a sense of love and support. “Just having the dogs sit on my feet [has] literally just been… I can take five minutes and regroup myself,” said Russell Walker, an employee of Pulse. The dogs come from all over the country, and will be in Orlando all week.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first tragic situation for LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs, and it likely won’t be the last. The animals undergo up to 18 months of training to prepare for these types of events, and have been there for support in incidents such as Sandy Hook and the Boston bombings. Organizers for LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs are willing to travel wherever necessary to help provide a paw of comfort in tragic times.  A warm, friendly puppy face provides a much needed sense of love in difficult times.

To learn more about LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs and to make a donation, you can visit their website. Each of the dogs has their own Facebook page too, and you can learn about them and their travels and experiences.

Source: NBC 12 News

Image: Group of Comfort Dogs, image source, Phobe Comfort Dog’s Facebook page.

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