Details of Doggy Care

»»Details of Doggy Care

Grooming your dog is beneficial for both pet and owner, not only in keeping your pooch clean but from the physical contact and wonderful opportunity for bonding moments. All areas of your dog’s body must be given proper care, from brushing the coat to cleaning both eyes and ears, down to cutting the nails for neatly trimmed feet. How often should this fruitful quality time with your pet be done? Observe the following best practices in terms of the ideal frequency that makes the routine a healthy habit towards your pet’s long and happy life!


Bathe your dog only when he or she gets dirty and smelly, and doing it more than truly necessary will only do more harm than good. Shampooing too often strips natural oils off their coat, which then becomes prone to dandruff, frizzies, matting, and getting damaged. Using the wrong products can cause dry skin and irritation, and given the fact that each dog is different, you should find the best shampoo that’s best for your pet.

Generally, bathing should be done only once a month, but can vary depending on your pet’s needs. Dogs who tend to easily develop skin allergies or rashes may require baths more often to help their skin heal. Long-haired dogs can end up with tangled and matted hair if it takes too long between baths. If you manage to maintain a good balance of the right product and the right frequency, your dog’s hair will be soft, silky and shiny.

Ear Cleaning

Cleaning your furry friend’s ears is an essential part of the process. Not only will this make your pooch feel clean and comfy, but allows you to regularly check for any ear problems and prevent any adverse effects it could have on your pet’s health. This part of the routine should be performed no more than once in a week, and as a general rule, done only at least once a month. Also, never use Q-tips for humans and make certain to apply vet-recommended ear solutions if your must.

Brushing Teeth

Whether your loyal companion eats soft or dry dog food, brushing their teeth serves an important part of overall health. Your pet’s teeth should be brushed as often as possible, which would be ideally every day, and their entire mouth should be checked every week or so. Use toothpaste that’s formulated for dogs, along with various products like chew toys and dental diets for optimal dental care. It’s best to have adult dog teeth professionally cleaned at least once a year.

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