DIY Cat House For the Outdoors

»»DIY Cat House For the Outdoors

There is no doubt that you love the smallest member of your family. Yes, you got it right. We are talking about your cute little pet. Pets are lovable and cuddly especially if it is a cat. It is your responsibility to see that your cat is safe and comfortable. The best thing you can do for it is to build a cat house. The honey-do lists never stop growing so what’s another to-do on the list. Winter temperatures are approaching and if you have an outdoor or indoor/outdoor cat it is important your fur baby has a spot outside to get warm.

Building a cat house is not as difficult as you think it to be. The structure is practical and easy to construct. Building the cat house yourself has several advantages. You can customize it according to the need of your pet. You can build a cat house to accommodate one cat or many cats. In fact customized cat house gives you the opportunity to add as many features as you wish. You can also remove any feature that seems to be unnecessary.

Follow the procedure given below to build your DIY cat house:

  • Purchase a 4×8 Sheet of plywood, a box of 5/8” wood screws, three 2x4x8 stud and some small pieces of carpets.
  • Now cut the plywood into half. You get two squares which you again need to cut into half. Once you get four pieces again you need to cut those pieces into halves so that you are left with eight 2’x2’ sized pieces. These pieces will make the side panels, floor and roof of the cat house.
  • Take the three of the 2x4x8 studs and cut them into twelve equal sized sections. Now give the studs the shape of a box by attaching them with the wood screws.
  • Once you get the frame, attach the roof, side panels, back panel and the floor to the frame using the wood screws.
  • When the cat house is more or less ready, cut out the front panel giving the shape of a door. Make the front panel large enough so that your pet can easily go in or come out.
  • Now use the carpet remnants to cover the entire cat house.
  • Place some bedding materials inside the cat house so that your little pet can be comfortable and warm.

Your cat house is ready. Now let your little dear enjoy its cozy and lovely shelter.

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