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If you have a dog that gets along well with other dogs, then you should add another dog to your family. Another dog in the home is able to improve the quality of life of your pet in a way that is almost impossible for a human. Although there are some dogs that will find another dog in the house seriously stressful if they prefer the company of humans.
Let us not assume that all dogs will automatically get along with each other. Dogs can be just like humans in this regard, very fussy about who they socialize with. If they have been socialized with other dogs as a puppy, there should be no problems. If dogs do not get along it could lead to physical injury on their part and heartbreak for their owner. It is important to consider whether your dog has had pleasant social interactions with other dogs before considering adoption.
Take your dog along to the local shelter to scout out another member for your family. Confrontation is not a good idea as your dog may feel overwhelmed. Let your dog meet with other dogs one at a time. Allow the dogs to relax with each other, walk around and sniff one another. This method will help you narrow down candidates for a short list. Dogs should be observed while on long leashes that do not become entangled.
Select a candidate for which your dog has a keen social interest and the other dog seems just as keen. Several visits might be appropriate before taking the new pet home. If your dog is often involved in spats with other dogs or always watching them and guarding her toys, you need to reconsider getting another pet at this time. A behaviour specialist can advise you further. Your dog needs to learn to relax and behave naturally around other dogs.When dogs engage in side by side sniffing or play, it is a good sign.
Several play dates at the local dog park may help any dog adjust their behavior. Inviting a dog they are familiar with into your home for a play date, may give you the answer you are looking for. If no conflicts arise and your dog is welcoming and ready to share their space and toys, it’s time to visit the local shelter. However, you need to take the appropriate steps to ensure that your pet is going to be happy with the new arrangement before you make your final decision.

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