Dog People vs. Cat People

»»Dog People vs. Cat People

Do you define yourself as a “dog person”? Do you have friends who own cats and wonder how they could possibly choose a cat for a pet over a dog? You know that there are many benefits of owning a dog, but have you ever thought about what makes someone a cat person versus a dog person?

People who love dogs are often thought of as more outgoing, energetic and social than cat lovers, who tend to be more introverted and reserved. These differences make sense when you consider that dogs require walks and regular exercise outside of the home. Walking the dog is often an excuse to spend some time with family, friends and neighbors, chatting while Fido takes care of business. Whereas cats are happy to spend all their time within the home, they’re content with sunbathing being their only interaction with the outside world. So it seems that there is a correlation between the pets we keep and our own personalities. Finally there is an infographic that breaks down and clears up the ancient long debate, plus you get to find out which celebrities and historic figures are dog people and cat people!

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