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The American Rat Pinscher is a hybrid breed, with its parent breeds being the American Rat Terrier and the Min Pinscher. The Rat Terrier is an American breed developed from the need for a farm dog and hunter, wherein it was primarily bred to catch prey and pests. The Miniature Pinscher originates in Germany and was primarily bred for hunting vermin such as rats. The Rat-A-Pin can inherit any of the distinctive qualities of its parents which makes designer dogs unpredictable and highly interesting.

Physical Description

Rat Terriers exhibit common colours including black and tan, brown, blue, white, and tricolour. Miniature Pinschers or the MinPins are often seen in the colours black, red, and brown. The coat of the Rat-A-Pin can be anything out of the said shades and can be varied combinations, with the fur typically short with a smooth texture.


The Rat Pinscher can display the temperament of either parent or a mix of their personalities. Rat Terriers are usually described as affectionate, intelligent, lively, alert, loving, and social dogs. The Miniature Pinscher purebreed can be described as an alert, energetic, independent, friendly, loyal, playful, out-going, and responsive dog. Training the Rat Terrier is easy, a trait that makes them great for first-time owners, for they are willing to obey and tend to listen quickly. On the other hand, owners have to show more patience when training a Miniature Pinscher which presents a bit of a challenge. The Rat-A-Pin can show any of these distinctive traits.


The MinPin is prone to cataracts, Diabetes, and Hip Dysplasia, while the Rat Terrier is an overall very hardy dog and may be the longest-lived and most robust breed there can be. Little is known about health concerns of the Rat-A-Pin and should be observed for similar issues the parent dogs are susceptible to. Otherwise, designer dogs are generally healthy animals.


Size: Small

Hair Length: Short

Temperament: Laid-back, cautious, alert, intelligent, strong-willed, stubborn

Fun fact: Loves to dig under, or leap over just about anything, and compulsive to chase, having derived its energy from both parents.

Kid Friendly : Yes

Allergy Friendly: No

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