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Though the exact origin of the Bostinese is unknown, most designer dogs have become popular in the 1990s. The mix is a result from purebred parents Boston Terrier and Pekingese. The Boston Terrier originates from the United States and is known as the American Gentleman for its tuxedo-like markings, while the Pekingese stems from China as an ancient toy dog favored by royalty and goes by the name Lion Dog, Pelchie, Peke, or Peking Lion Dog.

Physical Description

The Bostinese measures a height of 8-16 inches and weighs around 10-20 pounds, with appearances derived from both parents. The Boston Terrier has erect ears with a short tail and muzzle, while the Pekingese has a flat face, large eyes, and long hair.Their coat arrives in a myriad of colors, where black & white and brown & white are most common. Other fur variations include merle, brindle, spotted, and speckled, arriving in short, long, wavy, or smooth textures.


Designer breeds differ in temperament from dog to dog. If the pup inherits more from the Boston Terrier, you get to keep a good family dog. If Pekingese traits are dominant, the dog may not be suitable for households with children and other pets. Generally, the Bostinese is an independent dog who is agile and alert. They might be difficult to housebreak as derived from both parent traits, but respond well to consistent training.


Both parents are susceptible to eye problems so proper care must be observed during grooming and playing. These designer dogs are generally healthy otherwise, and need moderate levels of exercise. Regular walks and play sessions will keep them healthy and happy and live for 12-15 years.

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