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The Bullboxer is a breed of the Bulldog and the Boxer dog and can form good family dog if you like big dogs. They are very exciting and can be perfect playmate with all family members. They are easy to take care of but be ready to feed them a lot. They can live in apartments well but take them for occasional walks.

Physical descriptions

Bullboxers are large dogs and can weigh up to 70 pounds when fully grown. They have taken the characteristics of both parents having the muscles of the bulldog and the body shape of the boxer. They have a brown and white coat that is very short. Their hair rarely sheds and is not known to cause any form of allergies. They have an under bite and a very short muzzle despite the large body.
They are generally fat and can be overfed if the owners are not careful. They have short legs and are generally short despite weighing a lot.


The Bullboxer is a lovable dog and can play well with both children and adults without causing any trouble. The bulloxer is very friendly and known to socialize with other pets. They are barking dogs and are known to bark when strangers come or simply when excited.

They require daily exercise to prevent them from becoming obese as they eat a lot. Make sure you have enough food or you are capable of feeding the bulloxer and exercising it regularly before buying or adopting one


They are not known to suffer from many ailments but care must be taken not to make them gain a lot of weight. Regular exercises is a must as the bulloxer dog eat a lot and an add up weight very fast.

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