Jack-A-Bee is produced by cross breeding the Beagle and the Jack Russell Terrier purebreds. This super sweet, affectionate and friendly dog brings an infectious zest of life to any household. He is protective and athletic; hence it can be used as a watchdog. He makes a great companion to anyone who can keep up with his high energy and enthusiasm.

Physical Appearance

The Jack-a-bee is a small dog weighing between 12 and 30 pounds, and measuring up to 16 inches in height. Despite being small, this dog will bark to notify you if there is an intruder.

It has the body of a Jack Russell Terrier and the face of a beagle. Some are very muscular with long floppy ears, while others have short terrier-like with small bodies. Their eyes are usually brown, with a tail that varies from cropped like the jack Russell’s to long like the beagle’s. Their coat can be thin and coarse, or smooth. The common coat colors are cream, white, red, brown, black and tan.


With proper care, the Jack-A-Bee can live for up to 12 to 16 years.


Jack-a-Bees are very outgoing, lively, sweet, playful, intelligent and loyal. They are also bold and independent, and can sometimes be stubborn and mischievous, when bored. They love everyone in the family, but tend to bond more closely with their owners. If not properly socialized early, they may be a bit weary around strangers.


This dog is generally healthy, but may be prone to having itchy skin, red, itchy and watery eyes during allergy seasons, as well as nasal allergies. Schedule regular appointments with your veterinarian to help keep your pet in optimal health.


Jack-A-Bees are smart and trainable as long as you stay firm, positive, patient and consistent. However, because they get easily distracted during training, they may not be suited for first time dog owners.


These designer dogs are strong, have high energy and love to stay active. You need to take them out regularly for play and walks. While they can adapt to living in apartments as long as they are taken out every day, they thrive better in an enclosed open space where they can run and expel their inherent high energy.


Jack-A-Bees have very low care and maintenance needs. Bathing at least every two weeks is recommended.

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